Do not allow yourself to be confused, there are many differences between faux mink and 100% mink eyelash, and you will need to know the differences before you have them adhered to your existing eyelashes for numerous reasons, and it’s not just cost that you need to think about! You might be surprised to find out that what you think that you know about various types of eyelash may not be the whole truth.

The first and most obvious and glaring difference between authentic mink eyelash and their synthetic counterparts is the source.

Faux Mink Lashes are made in a factory somewhere from various polymers, plastics, fibers and chemicals, and other products that are deemed by someone to be safe for eyeballs.

Meanwhile, those that are genuine mink eyelash are made of actual hair – a mink! Now it’s probably safe to assume that these smallish and ferret-like creatures aren’t just handing over the trimmings from their haircuts to eyelash kits manufacturers in all cases. But, don’t panic! There are manufacturers that offer cruelty-free mink extensions, such as those who supply Minki Lashes.

“These producers don’t harm the providing animals; they obtain the fur from brushing the animals and collecting the hairs.”

Regardless, the largest difference between real mink eyelash and the faux ones is the source. And of course, how you feel about where your products come from and what they’re made of is key.

In addition to the source and ingredients component, another factor to consider is cost.

Obviously the processing cost associated with making fake hairs for silk eyelash is a lot cheaper than actually harvesting real ones, and as such, you will find the price differences between mink eyelash and real ones quite different.

The difference in cost between the two varieties will run you some dollars, with mink natural eyelash starting at around $7 and then requiring a couple of maintenance sessions under $3 or so each.

Conversely, some of the best synthetic lashes (according to some users) of the synthetic variety are much cheaper to start out with. For around $4 or less you can get your main primary application. And, while there are still follow up maintenance visits for the time that you have the lashes affixed, these subsequent visits are often less expensive as well.

While Minki Lashes carries both faux and real types of mink, as you can see, there are a few differences between real mink and synthetic eyelash.

Not only is cost an important factor, but also sourcing and manufacture.

However, there’s little debating that genuine mink provides for a sultry and sensuous look that makes any housewife instantly glamorous, that faux and synthetic products are simple and unable to hold a candle to.

But at YSL lashes we give you nothing but the best,100% Mink Fur, both in prices and quality.

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