What will be popular in the 2022 lash business market? I can’t say all products, but I can be sure this 2022 New Eyelash Black Mini Lash Box will be one of them!

2022 New Eyelash Black Lash Box

Why Has This New Eyelash Black Mini Lash Box Will Become Popular?

People want convenience, portability and beauty. Previously, people just want something(eyelash box) looks great, they don’t really care about the weight and volume of lash cases. Even some lash packaging box styles are heavy and big, but if they are beautiful it’s fine. But now, everything is changed.

Not too many people won’t carry a big heavy eyelash box outside or party, I want beauty not trouble. We have had many big beautiful lash cases before, but our lash vendor feedback customer said big boxes become troublemakers.

This 2022 New Eyelash Black Lash Box will 100% become hot and popular. It’s so mini and fancy! When you order from us you will also enjoy. In the same quantity, it can save almost 20% space and decrease postage.

What Lash Style Fit 2022 New Eyelash Black Lash Box?

This wholesale lash packaging box is small lash box style, so it doesn’t suit long lashes. Usually we suggest high-end eyelashes of 10mm to 15 mm length.

Because of the pink paper, the shape of beautiful lashes will be shown perfectly. Once your customer opens it, all her friends will look and see your logo!
The material of this eyelash box is coated paper, Uvembossing process which can make the pattern high lighted. The black and white color contrast is obvious, and the white logo is even more impressive!

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