Why Mink Lashes Easy Get Dramatic Effect?

Mink hair itself is light, soft, and fluffy, with a certain degree of curvature. It is the material closest to the natural eyelashes of the human body, so it is the best material for making false eyelashes. When layers of mink hair are placed together, it creates a fluffy and dramatic visual effect, which is the dream effect of many black girls.

Why Black Girls Like Dramatic Mink Lashes?

We usually simply divide false eyelashes into natural styles and dramatic styles. The natural style is for light-skinned people, and the dramatic style is for black girls. When black girls wear comic-style eyelashes, you will see a very coordinated visual effect, and you will think that their eyelashes should grow like this. On the contrary, if a white girl wears this kind of dramatic mink eyelashes, it will give you a pretty heavy feeling, which is our art of picking eyelashes. Please look at our illustrations, these photos are of black girls with dramatic eyelashes, isn’t it beautiful and coordinated, if you are a black girl, you must like it!

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Do YSL Dramatic Mink Lashes Cruelty-free?

Mink hair is the best material for making fluffy and dramatic eyelashes, but it is highly controversial in terms of being Cruelty-free. Many well-known brands and stores have adopted very barbaric methods and do not allow mink eyelashes to enter. The focus of the controversy is killing minks to obtain eyelashes. The other focus is that minks live in a harsh environment and are abused during the growth process. The mink hair used by YSL eyelash wholesalers comes from the tails of adult minks. If you know the process of sheep shearing in Australia, you will understand how we obtain mink hair. It is absolutely cruelty-free. Farmed minks are treated well because only minks that are both physically and mentally healthy can get mink hair full of vitality.

Can White Girls Wear Dramatic Mink Lashes?

Most white girls are not suitable for dramatic mink lashes unless they do some makeup treatment, make their skin tone darker, and darken the eye shadow to match the volume and volume of dramatic lashes. YSL also prepares natural mink eyelashes for white girls. On another page, this is a jump link. Click this link to jump to the natural mink eyelashes webpage.

DM01 Dramatic Mink Lashes
Dramatic Mink Lashes Dm02
Dramatic Mink Lashes Dm27
Dramtich Mink Lashes 3D22C


Why Can YSL Lashes Be Your Wholesale Mink Eyelash Manufacturer?

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