The YSL Eyelash Vendors warns our customers that external force will deform the false eyelashes, excessive pulling will cause the false eyelashes to fall, and the accumulation of glue will make the false eyelashes too heavy. YSL Wholesale Lash Vendors shares 6 eyelash usage and storage Tips for increasing eyelash service time. When you are doing eyelash business, please inform your customers of the precautions so as to prolong the service life of eyelashes!

Why care for false eyelashes?
Our false eyelashes are handcrafted with care, precision, and high-quality materials, which means they can be used up to 25 times, or even longer if you are lucky! However, as with any strip lashes, proper care is the only way to ensure you get the most out of them.

Tip 1 How to Remove Glue from Eyelashes
You can use your regular eye makeup remover to remove glue from natural and false eyelashes. Dip it into a cotton pad and swipe it over the lash line. Let it sit for three minutes to work its magic, then gently peel off the false lashes from the outer corners.

Caring For False Eyelashes 1

To remove glue left on false eyelashes, soak a cotton swab in the solution of your choice and use it to gently wipe off the glue, being careful not to pull the hairs (or you’ll pull them off!).

Tip 2 How to Remove False Eyelashes
When removing eyelashes, please be gentle. As far as false lashes go, they’re pretty durable, but they’re still just individual hairs held together with cotton threads. They can only take so much force!

Starting from the outer corner of the eye, carefully peel off the false lashes. If you feel resistance, loosen the glue, then dip a cotton swab in a non-oil-based makeup remover and dab it along the strips you’re having trouble peeling off.

Caring For False Eyelashes 2

Tip 3 How to Clean False Eyelashes
It is recommended to remove glue buildup on the lash groups every 6 wears (or earlier if you find that there is a lot of glue stuck there). Use a cotton swab dampened with makeup remover to remove any residue left on it. Then use tweezers or your fingertips to gently pull the glue apart. Be sure to clamp the root hair and eyelashes with your fingertips to prevent individual eyelashes from being pulled off.

Caring For False Eyelashes 3

Most importantly, remember not to wet your lashes! They can drink a little water but don’t drown them. If your lashes are too wet, they may start to lose shape.

Tip 4 Preservation method of false eyelashes
Avoid anything that crushes your false lashes, this can also cause them to become misshapen. Your best bet is to keep the original trays they came in, and put the lash strips back in between wears. This also allows you to easily slip them into your handbag for those days when you go straight from the office to the party and want to change up your look.

Caring For False Eyelashes 4

Tip 5 Don’t sleep with false eyelashes
We know how it feels to plop straight into bed after a night out but try not to sleep on your lashes. Kneading them against a pillow for eight hours will permanently wrinkle them, destroying their precisely molded shape and making them look less natural and beautiful.

Tip 6 Let the mascara dry first
Applying mascara to your natural lashes before using false lashes is a very good habit – in fact, we recommend it! This creates a stiffer shelf for the false lashes to rest on. If you want to keep your mascara away from false lashes, remember to let the mascara dry before proceeding.

Whether or not you add mascara to the false lashes yourself is your preference, but we recommend against it. This shortens their lifespan. If you want more definition or drama why not try a thicker false lash style such as our DM23?

We hope these lash care tips have explained how to effectively care for false lashes (not too d

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