Many clients come to me to find out how to create a unique shape eyelash packing box to make their own eyelash box unique.

I find that the way you think about it is to think about how to make a fundamental change in the box, especially in the shape, so let’s think about the box shapes that are commonly used in the market: rectangles, squares, circles, polygons, hearts and so on.

Don’t most eyelash packing box designs come from the middle of these shapes? It’s not that we can’t but it takes a lot of time to create a new box. Why don’t we stop, instead of innovating from the box shape, and start reinventing ourselves from the box?

Recently, I had a client come to me to customize the ribbon. I said, why do you suddenly customize the ribbon? Then she showed me a picture that we can use the ribbon tie a knot in the box, the orchid buckle and so on, so that though we used to box, but seems to have walked from the outside different feeling, so can not only give our customers fresh, also can give us left a lot of budgets. Why not?

After listening to my client’s presentation, I suddenly realized that change does not necessarily involve the whole picture. In fact, a little preparation for the details can be added to the cake. It occurred to me that we could also customize a bag for the box, attach customized stickers to the box, and design a signature unique to the customer.

In fact, you can also have many ideas, so you see this blog, do you have other better ideas? Please write down your ideas in the comments section.

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