About magnetic eyelashes. The craze for eyelash growth serums, lengthening and curling procedures, and lengthening mascaras should prove it – the world is obsessed with the quest for longer, thicker lashes. But despite these new beauty technologies, the use of false lashes is a proven technique that makeup artists and celebrities have been using for years. The influx of magnetic lashes on the market proves that this option cannot be ignored.

about magnetic eyelashes

How about magnetic eyelashes work

Once glued to your natural lashes only, the magnetic lashes will hold each other in place and your lash line will be held in place with small magnets. We were the first to introduce high quality magnetic eyelashes that are different from the 8 magnets on the market. We use 12 magnets to increase the comfort level of wearing them. They can be more adapted to your eye shape and style. Also using high quality lashes, they “feature virtually invisible magnets placed along the lash line to lock and hold lashes along your natural lash line.

How to use magnetic eyelashes

About magnetic eyelashes wearing is relatively simple compared to regular mink lashes. First, it is usually recommended to trim the lashes so that they naturally fit your natural lash line. Then, magnetic mascara can be applied to make the lashes more secure. For strip lashes, the next step is to lay the Upper Magnetic Lash on top of the lash line. Then, you place the Under Magnetic Lash from the tray and place it under your natural lash line. Thanks to the magnets, they will automatically match together!

One of our most recommended ways is to use magnetic lash glue. It is more harmless and easy to clean than regular lash glue. Magnetic eyelashes attach easily to the magnet while you remove them without hurting your lashes.

Where you can buy best magnetic lashes for your business and self?

about magnetic eyelashes catalog

If you want to open your lash business by magnetic lash you are in right place. We have more than 10 years experience in fake eyelash area and mainly focus on N.A market. About magnetic eyelashes, it’s a very hot styles in cosmetic and daily use. We use unique material and magnet for our customers. You can definitely get better success in your business!

Contact us to get more details! No matter magnetic lashes, silk lashes or vegan lashes and mink lashes. Lash packaging boxes and lash glue are also available here!

Email: rosen@beauty-imexport.com

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