There are three types of eyelashes band. Transparent terrier. Cotton stalk. Plastic terrier. The hair of false eyelashes. It’s tied in a ridge. The stem. It is generally divided into three materials. Transparent terrier. Cotton stalk. Plastic stem. The transparent stem has better invisibility and good support.

When applying light makeup fake without makeup, firstly, this material is suitable for most people. Cotton eyelashes band are the softest and most comfortable of the three. It’s also the least noticeable, but it’s important to wear black eyelashes to avoid looking unnatural.

Plastic and other plastic is the three materials in the most black and hard, comfort is the lowest, but this material is most suitable for eyelid fat more, need to rely on double eyelid girls.

False eyelashes can be divided into two types of hair. One is natural hair and artificial fibers. We usually the most common is artificial fiber, this cost – effective. These eyelashes only have plastic stems. The advantage is lifelike and soft, drawback besides expensive it is eyelash is easy to be destroyed by glue and discharge makeup water, cannot reuse basically, for example, horse hair, sable hair.

Artificial fiber is our most common false eyelash defect is part of the material is not good cat reflective, feel particularly false. False eyelashes are also divided into natural eyelashes. It is the commonest and most practical length, radian resembles true eyelash very much, can choose whole stick, also can cut open sectional to stick, use strengthen the effect. Belong to introductory basic paragraph. Slender and bushy. The idea is that heavy makeup can help enlarge the eyes. Add a long style to the end of the eye. Elongate the eye shape.

Our eyelashes are made of natural hair. Then use a stalk of cotton thread. All kinds are available. Suitable for most women’s daily needs. Can satisfy the need of your all sorts of style makeup look, help you add the glamour of eye ministry.

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