Why You Should Include Vegan Lashes in Your Lash Business

Vegan Lashes, you may hear or tried to sell this false eyelash style before but feel not hot. Today let’s find out why this unpopular fake eyelash style is still on the menu of big lash store and brand!

Vegan Eyelashes

Vegan Lashes Become Hot in Recent Years

In recent years, what’s one of the most topics in the whole world? It’s Eco-Friendly, even in the cosmetics industry you will also hear no damage, no rude, degradable, environmentally friendly, etc.

With more vegan topics and vegan, eco-friendly products in the market it become a big market than before. We launched vegan lashes many years before, at the beginning only a few lash vendors ordered for them vegetarian customers. But recently more and more lash sellers told us they want to order more and have more styles!

Not only because the world has more vegetarian but also the eco-friendly lash customer. Just imagine if you feel mink and vegan both are ok and don’t care about other details. Why don’t choose vegan lash degradable lashes? It’s a good choice if you are just a new customer who just wants to try false lashes.

Synthesized, that may be why vegan hair lash and faux mink eyelashes become popular!

Vegan Eyelashes

Why You Need Start It Now

You are a clever businessman. In this overall situation, no matter your support or not you were in! They are everywhere in your life not to mention your business.
So have faux mink eyelash and vegan eyelashes choices are a definitely great decision.

Most customers are not regular customers, you will also have a lot of new and irresolution customers. At this time, one lash shop or cosmetics shop has a vegan and eco-friendly choice and another one no. Which one will you like more?

You can check vegan lashes here or directly contact us to get more details
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Free Design Lash Packaging Box Logo For You

As we know, the Lashes Logo plays an important role in the Lash Business line, if you want to Build Your Lashes Brand, you should have a lash logo first. YSL Lashes is the world’s best 3d mink lashes vendor. we have a special service for my own lash business. Provide free design lash packaging box logo for you.

Today, we will show you all the things you should know about your lashes logo. And we will share you some Free lash logos with you to help you start your Small Business.


Why do we design the Free Design Lash Packaging Box Logo for you?

According to our survey, too many girls just want to start their own lash business line, but they can’t design the lash logo, if they find a lash designer will cost 100-200 dollars at least. so we want to help them start the lash business easily. We will help you save money to start an eyelash business.

Once you have your own lashes logo and brand name, we can design custom lashes packaging or private label for you. LASHESPRDA also wholesale custom lash packaging boxes. So we can provide u one-step service for the lashes business.

Where to get free lashes business logo
Free Design Lash Packaging Box Logo


Free Design Lash Packaging Box Logo


We can make your own lash company logo or private label logo.  lash extensions logo and Amazing Lash Studio Logo. So guys you don’t have to worry about anything for my own eyelash business. Contact YSL Lashes official WhatsApp now to get the free lashes logo.

YSL Lashes a not only can Free Design Lash Packaging Box Logo for you. Also wholesale world’s best 3d mink lashes, 3d faux mink lashes. And cruelty free mink lashes, 25mm mink lashes. Custom strip eyelashes. And Magnetic eyelashes wholesale. At YSL Lashes you can get the world’s best lashes.

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Why We Roll Out New Lash Material

Vegan Hair Eyelashes
Vegan Hair Eyelashes

Protecting the health of the earth is to protect our human health, as people become more and more aware of environmental protection, and the rise of bionic fibers in materials, we also use these New Lash Material for the eyelashes, using a special process to make the eyelashes beautiful and truly environmentally friendly.

What is New Lash Material?

Cashmerelashes is a faux mink lash style made with our new vegan material. It is made of the lightest and finest nanofiber chemical fiber material on the market.

The characteristic of Cashmerelashes:
· Each thread has a diameter of 0.25mm and is known as cashmere because of its soft and light appearance.

· The effect of cashmere lashes looks fluffy, soft and airy.

· 90% similar to real mink hair.

· Glossy under light, matte black, closer to real lashes.

· Absolutely vegan.

2022 Best Lashes Vegan Hair Eyelashes
2022 Best Lashes Vegan Hair Eyelashes

Our Canas Lash Vegan Hair Lashes is a new material incorporates the morphological tissue of real hair and adds protein, amino acid and other real hair tissues to create a bionic fiber.

Why Canas Lash Vegan Hair Lashes Will Popular In The Future?

After COVID and bad environment, people start and more to protect earth. Since we promote vegan lashes and silk eyelashes, plenty of lash vendor customers said they were happy to have this choice. It’s not only because vegan but also because this new material vegan hair lashes can be degradable.

We don’t have the right to make everyone choose vegan hair degradable lashes, but if vegan lashes have the same quality, shape style, price and all good things as mink lashes. There will be no reason to choose mink eyelashes anymore.

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How To Market Your Fake Lash Business

When establishing Fake Lash Business, you need to put effort into your marketing. In our dreams, customers come running as soon as we open our doors, but in real life, it doesn’t work that way. Today let me teach you how to sell mink lashes.

People need to hear about your business, and they need to feel that you are a trustworthy person. Getting lash business done is a no joke – we all know that – and it is your professional brand and marketing that wins people’s trust. Resources for brand styling and marketing – these tools help you further and succeed in your online work.

Build relationships with your customers through social media

Retaining customers should be a central focus for you as a business owner. It is a lot less expensive to keep customers than it is to gain new ones. That’s why establishing strong relationships with your customer base is crucial.

Social Media is a brilliant tool to grow your business. Everyone uses it in some capacity which means that you have access to your entire target audience in the palm of your hand, for free! The best and most successful way to use social media is to engage with others and build relationships with people. Social Media, after all, is a two-way communication tool, use it to your advantage.

Type: DM 09 & 22 Length: 20mm Material:100% mink fur Packaging: accept customized lash boxes

Word of mouth > How to sell mink lashes

Social media is also a great way for recommendations and word-of-mouth referrals. If your clients have a positive experience they are most likely to recommend a friend or family member and most of the time, this will be via social media.

Word of mouth is a free form of advertisement or promotion (just one reason it’s so important). It’s shared by customers and triggered by an event the customer experiences.

Type: DH05 & 15 Length: 25mm Material : 100% mink fur Packaging: individualized lash packaging boxes ideas

Freelance services >How to sell Fake Lash Business

Fiverr helps you out when your time or skills are limited. Get your banners, copywriting and other marketing assets done quickly and cheaply.

These methods are the easiest and quickest. If you have any questions, please click contact us immediately.

We have posted about How to promote your lashes business on Instagram. And How to start your lashes business $100. Make sure to check these posts too.

WhatsApp us Custom Your Lash Box!

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2022 New Custom Design Eyelash Black Miniature Paper Lash Box

What will be popular in the 2022 lash business market? I can’t say all products, but I can be sure this 2022 New Eyelash Black Mini Lash Box will be one of them!

2022 New Eyelash Black Lash Box

Why Has This New Eyelash Black Mini Lash Box Will Become Popular?

People want convenience, portability and beauty. Previously, people just want something(eyelash box) looks great, they don’t really care about the weight and volume of lash cases. Even some lash packaging box styles are heavy and big, but if they are beautiful it’s fine. But now, everything is changed.

Not too many people won’t carry a big heavy eyelash box outside or party, I want beauty not trouble. We have had many big beautiful lash cases before, but our lash vendor feedback customer said big boxes become troublemakers.

This 2022 New Eyelash Black Lash Box will 100% become hot and popular. It’s so mini and fancy! When you order from us you will also enjoy. In the same quantity, it can save almost 20% space and decrease postage.

What Lash Style Fit 2022 New Eyelash Black Lash Box?

This wholesale lash packaging box is small lash box style, so it doesn’t suit long lashes. Usually we suggest high-end eyelashes of 10mm to 15 mm length.

Because of the pink paper, the shape of beautiful lashes will be shown perfectly. Once your customer opens it, all her friends will look and see your logo!
The material of this eyelash box is coated paper, Uvembossing process which can make the pattern high lighted. The black and white color contrast is obvious, and the white logo is even more impressive!

Here You Can Check More Detail and Eyelash Pages

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Wholesale Colorful Lashes, Colored Faux Mink Lashes

Wholesale Custom new colorful lashes, beautiful natural false eyelashes, handmade natural cruelty free lashes, colored faux mink lashes .reusable up to 25-30 times faux mink eyelashes from YSL Lashes Mink Lash wholesale colorful lashes vendor. Enjoy the factory’s lowest price wholesale high-quality Colored Faux Mink Lashes.

Hi Guys, the World’s FIRST EVER Colorful faux Lashes for beautiful girls! Available In Many Gorgeous Colors! Get Over 30 Uses With NO harm!

Now we must admit: We kind of saw this one coming. If you wear false eyelashes regularly, you must be pursuing bold beauty. If 5D 6D 25mm long eyelashes can not meet your personality. Then you must be interested in the colored lashes introduced next.

colorful eyelashes wholesale

The bold and stylish YSL Lashes eyelash supplier takes false lashes lovers’ love for false eyelashes to new colored eyelashes. Here you will find any colorful eyelashes you want to see-pink, red, purple, green, etc. we provide customized services, where you can customize your favorite eyelash color.

Natural warp design. Color false eyelashes curl naturally when worn and blend naturally with real eyelashes. Soft and comfortable, not dazzling. YSL Lashes Eyelashes are soft and silky, light and not easy to fatigue. With a sense of layering, delicate and soft, unique gradient colors, give you a different colorful experience.

New Colored False Eyelashes

Custom colorful red lashes for summer makeup

Custom colorful red lashes for summer makeup

Wholesale blonde colorful false eyelashes

Wholesale blonde colorful false eyelashes

Best purple 3d faux mink lashes colored purple eyelashes

Best purple 3d faux mink lashes colored purple eyelashes

Our 3D False Eyelashes are not only comfortable to wear, but also the consistent pursuit of quality by the YSL Lashes brand. In order to better help customers develop business, and achieve long-term cooperation and sustainable development, YSL Lashesis always guided by market demand, closely grasping market development and demand dynamics. Insisting on grasping quality as the basis of survival, and zero tolerance for quality defects.

New styles, reasonable pricing, prompt delivery! Warmly welcome all Mink Lashes business partners to come to the YSL Lashes to discuss business and win-win cooperation!

Read more about eyelash business tips from YSL Lashes:

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How To Design Eyelash Packaging Boxes in Eyelash Factory?

After getting to know a little about our Factory, why don’t we continue discussing details? So the main character of the next content —-“Design Eyelash Packaging Boxes”. When consumers buy eyelashes, they first see their outer packaging. How to design eyelash packaging fr an eyelash packaging vendor? A good vendor not only has high-quality eyelashes, and its outer packaging should also deeply impress buyers. After all, a perfect eyelash packaging box always plays a vital role in attracting customers, right?

Let us meet a good eyelash packaging wholesale vendor

How to design professional eyelash packaging boxes?

How to design eyelash packaging boxes from an eyelash packaging vendor. The contents of the lash packaging can be divided into five parts :

brand name, LOGO, color, slogan, social media information

When we get a package of lashes

First of design eyelash packaging boxes – brand name

Through the brand name.

consumers will have an impression on you and your eyelash business.

Second, Eyelash LOGO.

Professional LOGO makes consumers remember your brand through lines, colors, and so on,

enhancing the value of the brand.

Wholesale eyelash packaging vendors
custom eyelash packaging box private label

The third point is the color of the box.

The color of the box must match that of the LOGO.

which requires careful design by the designer.

Fourth, is the slogan.

To impress consumers with your brand, the slogan should be simple, interesting, insightful, and appealing. Last but not least, is social media information.

Many eyelash box vendors won’t alert you to this because of information disclosure. Professionally, if you have already designed this information.

We encourage thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises to start their Lash businesses every year.

Our Eyelash Packaging Factory. located in Qingdao and covering an area of 5000 square meters, is a standard modern eyelash packaging Vendor.

where owns UV printer, the most advanced 3D printer in the world.

So guys if you are looking for a custom eyelash packaging box with a private label.

YSL Lashes wholesale custom eyelash package box. Cheap Acrylic eyelash box. Cardboard eyelash box and Paper jam eyelash box. You can find any eyelash package box at YSL Lashes.

Please direct click below Whatsapp contact with us guys and custom your eyelash box, eyelash cases

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How To Run A Lash Shop 

Today, we will discuss how to run a lash shop online and offline.

More and more girls would like to run a lash shop online at home.

and they did succeed. We invited some of the customers to share the key points to start a lash shop online at home. and below are the main reason they choose this lash business.

wholesale mink lashes in bulk  Lash Shop

Wholesale mink lashes in bulk

Low cost input ,High profits.

You can buy them from your wholesale Lashes Vendor at a low cheap wholesale price. and sold them at a high retail price.

For example, you buy your 3D Mink Lashes with only 3-5 USD and sold them at 20USD,

you will have more than 15 USD for each pair from the lashes business line.

If you buy 100 pairs of mink lashes one time, you will pay only 300 USD, and get 1500 USD profits. OMG this is why many lash business girls so success and get rich .

Easy to start

Yes, if you want to start a small lashes business. You may choose Lash business, because if you find a good lashes vendor.

it is very easy to start your lash business.

All you need is help, your good lash vendor will do everything for you. such as cheap wholesale products,

custom lashes packaging,  Free design your logo, your product photo, and your website.

If you find a professional lashes vendor such as lashesprda , all these things we will help you resolve it. If you need lashes or wanna start lash business . please feel free to contact us as whatsapp.

Small office space

You don’t have to rent a big office space to start your lash company, because the lashes are small,

and don’t need too much space to stock them.

This is why more and more girls can start the lash business line at home.

Once the customer makes an order, they ship them by express, and no one knows you work at home.

Huge market

More and more ladies won’t go out without professional eye makeup, and they would love to pay money to the luxury mink lashes, 3d mink lashes and faux mink lashes. and 2021 very popular magnetic eyelashes too.

so if you do the lash business, there will be a huge market in the USA.

High frequency Purchase Rate

As you know, Eyelashes are consumable household items, and they are too many amazing styles in the market so that ladies would buy them again and again

if they see the updated lashes in the market. Even if our luxury mink lashes use 30+ times, most of the ladies will change a new one to make a different eye makeup.

Best affordable mink lashes from best eyelash suppliers

We are obsessed with our eyelashes. Faced with thousands of advertising images each day, showing women and men with amazing, perfectly lined and shadowed eyes, topped by incredibly lush mink eyelashes, it’s awfully hard not to covet them. everyone wanna the best affordable mink lashes.

In our life, false eyelashes can deliver that uber-glam impact, especially when they’re made of natural mink hair. Plus, they’re affordable. Lashesprda wanna every woman to be confident and attractive. so we only wholesale The Best affordable mink lashes. Here are some of the most popular false eyelashes of 2022.

Best affordable mink lashes for everyday

Everyday work and study. Let our eyes will be very tired, so in order not to let our eyes have any bondage. And not to lose the beauty. YSL Lashes innovative 3D eyelashes, These mink lashes 3d eyelalshes very light, natural, it almost suitable for all girls’ eyes. You can wear everyday for work and study.

best mink individual lashes, mink lashes 3d wholesale
style: 3D 16

best mink individual lashes, mink lashes 3d wholesale

cheap 3d mink lashes, best false eyelashes for daily use
style: 3D 06

cheap 3d mink lashes, best false eyelashes for daily use

best eyelashes to buy in bulk,  Wholesale affordable lashes
style: 3D 85

best eyelashes to buy in bulk, Wholesale affordable lashes

Click here to check more best natural false eyelashes 3D

Affordable mink lashes 25mm best high end eyelashes

The false eyelash girl that had taken 25mm eyelashes should be very clear. just see the name will know length is 25mm. its make public, exaggerated, bold and unrestrained characteristic get girls love these years. 25mm lashes are popular with girls in North America. If you want to go to the party, then there is no problem choosing it. You’ll be the center of attention awww.

25mm cruelty free eyelashes, mink lashes 25mm in bulk
style: DH 015

25mm cruelty free eyelashes, mink lashes 25mm in bulk

affordable mink lashes
style:DH 009

big fake eyelashes wholesale , custom mink lashes wholesale

Click here to check more 25mm best high end eyelashes

Super natural best false eyelashes for small eyes

The super natural style is perfect for girls with small eyes, small and cute, and if you like short false eyelashes, then you must choose this collection. If you are looking for the best natural false eyelashes. This collection by Lashesprda, you have to buy it My God, it’s REALLY super natural

affordable mink lashes
style: DQ 07

best fake eyelashes that look natural, cruelty free lashes

False eyelashes wholesale vendor
style; DQ 02

bulk eyelashes , best natural eyelash strips wholesale

bulk individual lashes wholesale , natural bulk lashes for makeup artist
style: DQ 12

bulk individual lashes wholesale , natural bulk lashes for makeup artist

Click here to check more Super natural eyelashes

YSL Lashes’s false eyelash supplies many famous foreign brands. So at here you can get the same style for less money. Contact us order now !!! click the whatsapp or email us ….

How to put individual lashes on yourself

Bold eyelashes are a great way to enhance and beautify any look. individual lashes make your lashes appear longer and fuller. while maintaining a natural look. While applying individual lashes may take some time, the end result is worth it! It’s actually very simple to put the individual lashes. Today YSL Lashes will teach you how do you put individual lashes.

Pick out your individual lashes

If you decide to only purchase a package of individual lashes. Be sure to also buy eyelash glue pen. (If you need eyelash glue pen please click here ) Be sure to purchase lashes that match your natural lash color. like the black eyeliner glue pen.

Black waterproof eyelash glue pen for individual lashes

Black waterproof eyelash glue pen

Wholesale cheap eyeliner glue pen for individual lashes

Wholesale cheap eyeliner glue pen

Clean your eyelids

Before you apply the individual lashes. ( click here you can check more hottest eyelashes style of 2022). use makeup remover to take off any lingering makeup on your eyes. There is some debate on whether to apply makeup before or after applying lashes, but more often than not, you want to work on a clean surface. And allow the lashes have a sticking surface free of dirt, oil and makeup.

Pour out the eyelash glue

On a small square of aluminum foil, pour out a small droplet of eyelash glue. You don’t need a lot of glue to apply the lashes, but a small drop of glue will make it easier to coat the bottom portion of the lashes. The color of eyelash glue comes in either black or white. Buying black glue might be helpful if you are planning on applying heavy makeup, but white glue dries clear and might be the better choice if you are going for a more natural look.

Test where you want to place the lashes

Before you apply your glued lashes, pick eyelashes from the packaging with your tweezers, and hold the lashes in the spot you want to apply them. This will help you decide where to place the lashes before you add the glue, so they look the most flattering and natural.

How do you put the individual lashes -Apply glue to the lashes

Always follow the gluing instructions that come on the packaging of eyelash glue. The amount of glue should be enough that you are confident the eyelashes won’t fall off, but not so much that you’ll have a large glob on your eyelid.

Glue the lashes to your eyelid

With the help of a mirror, bring the tweezers up to your slightly opened eye, and stick the lashes right above the roots of your real eyelashes, starting in the middle of your top eyelid. Once the lash is on your lid, you can use the tweezers to gently “brush” the lash upward, so it mimics the curve of your real lashes and doesn’t droop down into your line of sight.

After about 10-15 minutes, the lash glue should be completely dry. Use your finger to softly touch the top of your lashes and check for stickiness. Once thoroughly dried, consider using an eyelash curler to gently curl and blend the false eyelashes with your natural eyelashes.

Guys, did you learn it? YSL Lashes is a famous brand eyelash factory and eyelash packaging supplier. If you want to make your false eyelashes business go further and earn m ore money, please test the quality of our false eyelashes. I really hope to cooperate with you. Click below to contact us.

Whatsapp: +86 176 6965 2217