Mink eyelash care tip

Tip #1:
Don’t ever pull on the actual fur hairs!

Tip #2:
Clean and disinfect them regularly
Only a heated eyelash curler is safe to use with 100% mink lashes. Clamp eyelash curlers can potentially damage the delicate shaggy curl or even accidentally cramp it. A heated eyelash curler is easy to use (using mascara application-like motion) and helps to blend your eyelashes by naturally uplifting both.

While high-quality genuine mink lashes are treated to keep their shaggy curl, any excess water, and especially soaking, will contribute to them losing their shape because this is a natural 100% mink fur product (vs. ecologically UNfriendly synthetic!).

An easy and effective mink eyelash care tip: disinfect the lash band. This is mink eyelash care ‘no-no’ as any oil residue will inevitably repel your eyelash glue from sticking to your mink eyelash band at your next lash application. Also, don’t forget to read your other eye makeup product labels to ensure that they do not contain oil either.

Remove the eyelash glue as promptly as possible after taking off the 100% mink strip lashes. The longer the lash strip sits on the lash tray uncleaned, the stickier and gooier it will become. This makes it more difficult to remove the glue residue later on and making your mink eyelash care a more challenging process.

After reading this article, have you learned a mink eyelash care tip?

YSLLashes Can be reused!

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