We love the look of beautiful fake eyelashes, but applying them? Not so much. So we’re determined to figure out how to put on false lashes the right way, and we at YSL Lashes plan to talk about the best lash application tips. Read on to learn how to apply false lashes like a pro.

eyelash glue pen

Prepare Your Beautiful Fake Eyelashes

After completing your choice of eye shadow and eyeliner, curl your lashes and apply mascara. Try our custom lash curler and beautiful eyelash glue pen.

Beautiful Fake Eyelashes Glue Pen

Apply Glue to Beautiful Fake Eyelashes

Hold your lashes with tweezers and use a cotton swab to apply a thin strip of glue to your lash band.

Never put the lash glue tube all the way onto the lash stalk and drag it around, a gentle stroke is the best option. Do this with just the right amount. Not only does it dry quickly, but your wearing experience will be much better.

A note on color: darker colored glue will blend in better with your eyeliner. I prefer black glue because it blends right into the lashes. But if you want clear or magnetic, we have that option as well.

Wait Until the Glue Dries Slightly

It takes about 30 seconds to let the glue dry by gently blowing and shaking the false eyelashes. This will make the false lashes less likely to slide around as you use them. It is important to swish the lashes around a bit after adding the glue. This will allow the formula to dry enough to become sticky and prevent you from getting glue everywhere.

Stick the Glue Strip to Your Beautiful Fake Eyelashes Line and Press It In Place

Using the tweezers again, stick the strip to your eyelash line and press it into place.

Apply Black Eyeliner to Hide the Lash Strip

magnetic lash glue pen

An extra layer of eyeliner and another layer of mascara ties everything together and fills in any small gaps. Note: While adding a little mascara to your false lashes will help them blend in with your real lashes, it will also limit how often the pair can be used.

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