Mother’s Day and wedding season is coming! How to make you more shiny and different in wedding day? How to express love for your mother on Mother’s Day? What kind of best false eyelashes should I choose? These are all questions your eyelash clients will consider!

Even a lot of people have never considered using luxury fake lashes or best false eyelashes in their daily life, they will still consider including it in their bridal beauty plan. Contrary to popular belief, fake bangs are not just exaggerated and exaggerated eye makeup. Depending on the type of wholesale lashes you choose and how to use them, you can create makeup from simple to bold. Customers have begun to choose enough different styles of mink eyelashes to wear or as a gifts for Mother’s Day and weddings!

Now as the best eyelash manufacturer, we will recommend to you from a professional eyelash supplier according to the order from our eyelash factory. The best selling best false eyelashes and custom eyelash packaging box styles! Do not miss it!

Timeless Best False Eyelashes Beauty Mink Lashes

3D mink eyelashes

3D Mink Eyelashes 3D13B

Hot selling best false eyelashes

3D Mink Eyelashes 3D35


This is one of the top choices of YSLLashes, they are made with 100% mink fur and look completely natural and very fluffy. It can make you flutter flare individualized and Instant adding your eyelash length. Lifespan more than 25- 30 times!

Best False Eyelashes Silk false eyelashes & Vegan lashes

Silk false eyelashes are a very popular style of wholesale fake lashes. I think the first eyelashes for most of you are silk faux eyelashes. It’s a perfect choice for vegetarian.

But now it’s time to introduce our new design best faux mink lashes to you. Silk eyelashes and vegan faux lashes! Our faux mink eyelashes have great quality compare with other eyelash supplier. Even our private label packaging for eyelashes are also custom ECO-friendly packaging cases! Want to try best faux mink lashes on wedding day and mother’s day,just contact us to have best eyelashes product! For start your eyelash business we can even provide eyelash glue pen and free false lashes samples!

Festival Party Mink Lashes

Best False Eyelashes luxury party lashes

Wholesale lashes long wedding style DX01

Best False Eyelashes for wedding day

Wholesale lashes long wedding style DX03

This kind of best false eyelashes is specially customized for parties and festivals. This is real mink lashes is an extra-long length of 28mm to help you shine and stand out. At the same time, the waterproof and anti-bending feature can also make you carefree at the wedding, without worrying about playing and playing to destroy it.

Wholesale Eyelash Packaging Boxes

Packaging is very important for eyelashes. Whether your customers wear it by themselves or give it as a gift, a suitable packaging can always get twice the result with half the effort.

The following two different types of packaging are designed for the two groups of people who go out to carry and give gifts.

The custom diy packaging boxes allows you to quickly know what style of luxury eyelashes it is, and you can print your own brand LOGO at the same time!

The luxury design make the eyelash cases like a high-grade jewelry. Better lift the quality feeling of the mink eyelashes and promote the selling of luxury mink lashes. Hot stamped logo on the cover of the lash case are also available. It’s a good choice to makes you shine and different in wedding day or being a gift to you mother.

Best False Eyelashes ECO-friendly custom lash box hot selling design

ECO-friendly custom lash box hot selling design

Best False Eyelashes Diy custom luxury eyelash boxes with logo printing

Diy custom luxury eyelash boxes with logo printing

Now, we have launched the latest promotions! The eyelash sample pack is delivered to the United States!

  1. Only cost $69.9—3D Luxury Faux Mink Eyelash| 2 kinds of style total 10 pairs! Cheap and Quick to Start your Business
  2. Only cost $89.9—3d Luxury Mink Eyelash| 2 kinds of styles total 10 pairs!

If you have already started an eyelash business and want to purchase in large quantities, we also offer additional discounts. And the eyelash packaging box provides free LOGO design service!

Contact us now for you best wholesale lashes & wholesale lash boxes

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