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False eyelash have been for a significant number of years regarded as an exceptional and trouble-free way of improving attractiveness. The top of these items will make the eyes appear considerably more more wonderful. They are able to also lift the eyes, which empowers them to seem more delightful and infinitely considerably larger. However, not all kinds of supplementary eyelashes which are now accessible the marketplace may have the ability to offer these advantages. Thus, you constantly need to definitely ascertain only which varieties can allow your appearances to considerably enhance as you want. This can be the area where mink eyelashes come to the image.

The person lashes are created from genuine mink pelt, so the colour has that rich natural appearance to it. Once implemented, the lashes are designed to appear just like yours but thicker, healthier, and longer than in the past. This makes them lots of and quite popular with women go for this.

The mink pelt is chosen in the tail of the creature, and the Chinese mink can be used. Be looking for mink eyelash which can be marked as cruelty-free. This helps to ensure that the mink false eyelash that you’re buying are sourced in this manner that is moral.


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Customize Your Lashes

Keep in mind false eyelash are made in a one-size fits all strategy, and that means you will probably wish to cut the length to accommodate your appearance. This can be a customized strategy that can help make them seem natural.
An alternative will be to work with individual lashes. Individual lashes are bunches that are little where you select which you can put.

Usually the faux mink eyelashes are extremely flexible, which suggests they hold curl rather nicely. They are going to come pre- in a vibrant, lustrous dark colour and curled. It’s possible for you to add your chosen mascara to permit the false lashes to mix along with your natural lashes, providing you with an appearance that is perfect.

Making the Selection

Allowed there are a large number of fake eyelash choices today such as artificial, silk, and mink. Together with the substitute for utilize individual eyelashes, consumers receive complete freedom to produce the look they need.Pick the merchandise which is constructed with natural mink pelt that is 100% and is additionally not dangerous to use.

Here is the finest that you could possibly get if you’re going for that natural appearance that is 100%. Mink is loved by a lot of folks since they give them complete, downy eyelashes and seem so natural.

Genuine Mink Lashes come from either the Siberian Mink the Mink tail or the Mink lashes.


Mink lashes are considered to be soft and quite light, making them a more comfortable selection over silk lashes. And possess a natural appearance that is downy.
They can continue just a little longer than silk and frequently include a perm but will set you back a lot more.


To put it differently, you retouched and constantly anticipate keeping them.
In the event that you would like a more natural appearing lash that you simply can apply mascara to improve, subsequently Faux or Mink Mink ought to be your first pick.

How to Start Eyelash Business Quickly!!!

How to Start an eyelash business eyelash with your private label!


Have you ever wanted to sell your own brand of quality mink eyelashes and 3D Mink Lashes?

Have you ever wanted to find a reliable vendor to do your own business about 3D Mink Lashes?

Never miss choosing YSL Lashes, which is an experienced wholesaler and vendor for quality mink lashes.

Hope below guideline will be helpful for you:

1st step: Please ask us for lashes catalog and price list, and choose the lashes category you want to run. We supply quality Regular mink lashes, 3D mink lashes, 20mm mink lashes, and 25mm mink lashes.

2nd step: In the catalog, there is No. for each style, choose your favorite eyelash styles and let us know the style No.

You also can send us your own lashes design, we can make a sample for you. Before you place the bulk order please start with the sample order to check the quality first. You also can place bulk orders directly.

MOQ for lashes sample is 10 pairs at least, which can be mixed with different styles.

3rd step: Choose to package for sample order. We have free packaging and normal packaging without a logo to choose from. It is easy to start with this packaging for sample order because there is no quantity limit for them.

4th step: After you confirmed the sample list. We will send you a bill for payment, you can settle payment by PayPal or Western. We will send the sample order to you by worldwide express shipping, after receipt of payment. Usually, for stock styles, we can send out in 1-2 days after payment. If there is no stock lead-time is 5-10 days.

5th step: If you are satisfied with sample quality. You can start with small quantity orders with your private label packaging. We support to customize the packaging with your own logo or private label. MOQ for the customized box is 100 pieces.

6th Step: After receipt of the initial orders from us, you can start with your business now!!

May you have a good business! We will be your sincere support!

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100% mink & faux mink? What’s the difference

Do not allow yourself to be confused, there are many differences between faux mink and 100% mink eyelash, and you will need to know the differences before you have them adhered to your existing eyelashes for numerous reasons, and it’s not just cost that you need to think about! You might be surprised to find out that what you think that you know about various types of eyelash may not be the whole truth.

The first and most obvious and glaring difference between authentic mink eyelash and their synthetic counterparts is the source.

Faux Mink Lashes are made in a factory somewhere from various polymers, plastics, fibers and chemicals, and other products that are deemed by someone to be safe for eyeballs.

Meanwhile, those that are genuine mink eyelash are made of actual hair – a mink! Now it’s probably safe to assume that these smallish and ferret-like creatures aren’t just handing over the trimmings from their haircuts to eyelash kits manufacturers in all cases. But, don’t panic! There are manufacturers that offer cruelty-free mink extensions, such as those who supply Minki Lashes.

“These producers don’t harm the providing animals; they obtain the fur from brushing the animals and collecting the hairs.”

Regardless, the largest difference between real mink eyelash and the faux ones is the source. And of course, how you feel about where your products come from and what they’re made of is key.

In addition to the source and ingredients component, another factor to consider is cost.

Obviously the processing cost associated with making fake hairs for silk eyelash is a lot cheaper than actually harvesting real ones, and as such, you will find the price differences between mink eyelash and real ones quite different.

The difference in cost between the two varieties will run you some dollars, with mink natural eyelash starting at around $7 and then requiring a couple of maintenance sessions under $3 or so each.

Conversely, some of the best synthetic lashes (according to some users) of the synthetic variety are much cheaper to start out with. For around $4 or less you can get your main primary application. And, while there are still follow up maintenance visits for the time that you have the lashes affixed, these subsequent visits are often less expensive as well.

While Minki Lashes carries both faux and real types of mink, as you can see, there are a few differences between real mink and synthetic eyelash.

Not only is cost an important factor, but also sourcing and manufacture.

However, there’s little debating that genuine mink provides for a sultry and sensuous look that makes any housewife instantly glamorous, that faux and synthetic products are simple and unable to hold a candle to.

But at YSL lashes we give you nothing but the best,100% Mink Fur, both in prices and quality.

Have the train of thought that suits the marketing eyelash of winter?

A client asked me, you see it is winter now, and soon to Christmas, how should I how to market my eyelashes?

I don’t know if this client has noticed, but her words themselves contain the background of the marketing of eyelashes, winter, Christmas.

In fact, these two points are the idea of marketing eyelashes, but better, we can combine these two points, for example, we launched a series of winter wear, and then we launched for Christmas. Keep in mind that these two styles must overlap. Secondly, we are offering winter Christmas special, and these styles overlap the previous two styles, but we offer a small discount.

The goal is to satisfy and target a third group of customers. First of all, the first customer base, want to buy eyelashes in winter use. The second customer group, want to buy eyelashes in the Christmas holiday wear. Third, there must be some overlap between these two groups of customers, who want to wear them during the long winter and at Christmas.

Then the point comes, your customer is actually very hesitant in the purchase, but after we meet their requirements of these two parts, there is a more satisfied choice, and this choice will also have a certain discount, is it easier to launch the third series?

Often customers struggle because there are no good options, but when we offer better options, they don’t struggle.

Should I give customers more discounts?

I have a client who orders dozens of pairs of eyelashes every time. The volume is small but the frequency is high. But not long ago, she suddenly wanted to make a list larger than usual. She wanted 2000 pairs of eyelashes at a time.

I was very happy when I heard the news, which proves that my client’s business is growing step by step. Her eyelash business is getting better. Then I discussed the style with her, but she wanted a discount. I said yes. Old customers like you have placed more eyelashes this time than usual, and the number of eyelash orders can meet our discount conditions.

I helped her calculate all the costs and gave her a discount, but my client wanted a bigger discount. I said that a larger discount is also possible, but a larger number of subscriptions will be given. After listening, my client disagrees, saying that if we let us give a little discount, it will be fine.

I then turned down my customers because I knew that even a little price shouldn’t be.

Because our products are worth the price, otherwise this customer will not always place orders repeatedly and cooperate with us.

Because our products are laid out by the eyelashes of our workers, each pair of eyelashes contains the labor results of our workers. We cannot just lower the price at will based on our wishes. That is disrespect to the workers.

Our high-quality eyelashes can help our customers more stable and long-term occupation of the market. There are many cheap eyelashes in the market, but the cheap ones can neither win the reputation of the customers nor bring them a good experience.

So it is not that we are unwilling to give customers more discounts, but we need to know the truth: no matter when a good product is never cheap.

A new idea about eyelash packing box

Many clients come to me to find out how to create a unique shape eyelash box to make their own eyelash box unique.

I find that the way you think about it is to think about how to make a fundamental change in the box, especially in the shape, so let’s think about the box shapes that are commonly used in the market: rectangles, squares, circles, polygons, hearts and so on.

Don’t most eyelash box designs come from the middle of these shapes? It’s not that we can’t but it takes a lot of time to create a new box. Why don’t we stop, instead of innovating from the box shape, and start reinventing ourselves from the box?

Recently, I had a client come to me to customize the ribbon. I said, why do you suddenly customize the ribbon? Then she showed me a picture that we can use the ribbon tie a knot in the box, the orchid buckle and so on, so that though we used to box, but seems to have walked from the outside different feeling, so can not only give our customers fresh, also can give us left a lot of budget. Why not?

After listening to my client’s presentation, I suddenly realized that change does not necessarily involve the whole picture. In fact, a little preparation for the details can be added to the cake. It occurred to me that we could also customize a bag for the box, attach customized stickers to the box, and design a signature unique to the customer.

In fact, you can also have many ideas, so you see this blog, do you have other better ideas? Please write down your ideas in the comments section

Skills in making small order lashes boxes

Today, there was an inquiry a customer who has no response for long time from the last order in April, Every time , I sent her new designs to occupy market but she ignored me.

Today she sent me a message today and tole me that she added new cheaper styles She was greedy for cheap, to buy other low price eyelashes. But she lost a lot of customers because of the quality and delivery date of that batch of goods. She didn’t want to go on messing up her career. She had to rebuild the trust of her customers. So she thought of me again. Says we have the best lashes and the best service. and now she was aware that good products will in the market in the end, it is the truth!

I compeltely understand her action. Only setback can push us growing up gradually.

This time. She wants to order Mink eyelashes and Packaging boxes with new brand new designs. .

But she didn’t order a lot. Just 200 eyelashes and customize your own packaging. The number of Custom Packaging is the same as the number of eyelashes. This will match her eyelashes to the number of boxes.

After I heard her request, I offered her another solution. Order 1000 mink lashes packaging. 500 Wholesale Mink Lash Boxes is our minimum order quantity, usually, we will recommend customers to make 500 Eyelash Boxes Custom.

After All, the larger the number of boxes, the lower the corresponding cost you pay. Like 2000 boxes, you can probably pay only 0.5 dollars per box, but for 500 boxes, you need to pay 1 dollar per box. 200 boxes, you will pay higher costs.

And the time required to make 200 Eyelash Boxes Custom is the same as the time required to make 2000 Mink Lashes Cases. Even if you are this time, you only need to use 200 Mink Lashes Cases. We will of course ship as you wish. We will store the remaining boxes in our warehouse and keep them intact for you. Until your next Eyelash Order. We will continue to use the box based on your order.

This not only saves you the cost of making the Mink Lashes Cases. But also saves you the time of making the box. In contemporary times, saving time is winning a bigger market for you.

After listening to my explanation, the customer readily agreed. And tell me she learned a lot here. Everyone who can do business will seize every opportunity perfectly.

Have you learned this skill in front of the screen?

Four Ways To Wear Mink Eyelashes

Single tufted false eyelashes

Single tufted false eyelash is divided into a small tuft of false eyelashes, 3 to 5 are a tuft of False Eyelashes, can maintain natural makeup effect already can very good add eyelash thick density. When pasting, apply mascara directly to the bottom of a cluster of false eyelashes. After 15 to 30 seconds, the mascara becomes sticky and sticks to the root of the eyelashes. Close your eyes and let it dry for a few seconds, then continue to apply — as far as you can on the outside of the base of your eyelashes. Wait for all false eyelashes to become fully dry, the curl of them becomes warped degree and your own eyelash maintains consistent, besmear eyelash cream finally can.

Eye tail section false eyelashes

If you think it’s a waste of time to put on a single set of false eyelashes and want to add a touch of skin to your smoky eye makeup, just stick the segmented false eyelashes in the outer corners of your eyes.
Although their effects are similar, the eye tail has a similar structure to the whole line of false eyelashes, only slightly shorter.
The false eyelash of type of eye tail gently along eyelash original arc bends, make it stick on the eyelid as your true eyelash is general.

Complete false eyelashes

The whole line of False Eyelashes should be attached to the whole eyelash root.Cut them out to fit length before Posting. If false eyelashes are too long, you can use scissors to cut off the excess. When everything is ready, apply mascara to the bottom of false eyelashes, starting from the middle of the eyelashes, and then press both ends of the corners of the eyes. Must notice, false eyelash cannot be too close to the inner canthus, cause irritant easily otherwise. If you fail in your first attempt, try applying a touch of mascara to the eyelid that is attached to the wrong part of the eyelid before applying the false eyelashes.

Multiple false eyelashes

For weddings and parties, exaggerated eyelashes are always more dramatic. At Marc Jacobs’ show in the spring and summer of 2012, make-up artists even put on three layers of false eyelashes.
In order to double the effect, you can also attach the second layer to the roots of the first layer of false eyelashes.
It takes a lot of practice, and the more times you post it, the closer it gets to perfection.
Want two false eyelashes to be united in wedlock, should use eyelash clip to make roll up first, besmear again go up eyelash creams can.

Apply Mink Strip Lashes to Meet Client Requirements

Mink Strip Lashes can be used to enhance any makeup but they are especially suitable for evening and photographic applications. Before applying lashes it is important to discuss with the client the effect she wishes to create, be it subtle or dramatic.

Remember this treatment will require a patch test for the adhesive. A check for contra-indications should also be made, as eye infections are easily spread.

The benefits of mink strip lashes

Mink strip lashes are designed to enhance and emphasise the eyes by giving the natural lashes a fuller and more defined appearance. They come in the form of individual lashes or strip lashes.

Using false lashes can have the following benefits.

  1. They are a good option for a client who is allergic to mascara and eyelash tint.
  2. They can be convenient for someone who is going on holiday.
  3. They make the natural lashes appear longer and thicker.
  4. They can enhance a photographic makeup.
  5. They add definition to the eye area.
  6. They can enhance and evening or fantasy makeup.
  7. They can complete a corrective makeup.


  1. Deep-set eyes : Fine pointed upper and lower lashes will give added definition to the eye.
  2. Round eyes: Individual lashes can be used to thicken the lash line from the centre of the eye outwards.
  3. small eyelash : Individual lashes placed at the outer comer will make the eyes look larger.
  4. Close -set eyes: mink strip lashes applied to the outer third of the eye will have the effect of widening the eye.

At the consultation stage it is important to establish what result the client is expecting to achieve. If expectations are unrealistic, this should be explained to the client. Once a plan has been agreed, treatment can commence.

Tips Of Buying False Lashes

When it comes to buying makeup, price has nothing to do with the quality. Expensive doesn’t inherently mean better, and false lashes are no exception to that rule! There are excellent options available at the drugstore. And online for a fraction of the price of department or specialty store lashes. But no matter where you buy your lashes, there are a few things to consider.

Human hair or mink hair? Some people prefer human hair lashes .But the mink false lashes are really just as lovely and soft. Buy a few variations in your budget and see what you like best.

The width of your eye plays a big part in the lashes you choose. The longer your lash line, the less likely demi lashes will fit. If you have a smaller your lash line, you’ll probably have to trim the standard size lash strips.

False lashes come with different types of strips. For instance, some find “invisible strips” (which are very thin and don’t have a dense amount of lashes) more comfortable. In general, the thinner the strip the more imperceptible it will feel and more natural it will look.

Strips that are very black, thick, with dense lash hair have a more noticeable feel (which can be slightly uncomfortable).But in tradeoff, they offer a far more dramatic look.

Shape matters! False eyelashes come in all different shapes and sizes, but choosing those that mimic your natural eye curvature will look more natural and be easier to put on.

Lashes that have the most length in the middle of the strip create a more natural shape. Lashes that have the hair shorter in the front and longer in the back create a bit of a more dramatic cat eye. The lashes that have full, thick lashes across the entire strip are very noticeable—not the most natural look for day to day, but outstanding for showing up in pictures!

Enlist the help of a makeup artist. If you’re really not sure where to start, a makeup artist from a cosmetic line selling false lashes can show you different lash options and teach you how to apply them.

Choosing the glue is important. If you are allergic to latex, a latex-free version is crucial. There are also different colors, including white, clear, and black glues. The white and clear options dry perfectly clear, whereas the black eyelash glue stays black. Keep in mind black glue offers less room for error because if you mess up, it is very difficult to remove and correct without disturbing the rest of your eye makeup.