For merchants, time is money, and guarantee the accuracy of the delivery time is the most basic. If your supplier does not deliver within the specified time, then he is an unreliable Eyelash Manufacturer. For any situation that may happen, customers should be informed in advance.

Some customers said: “I ordered a lot of Mink Eyelashes and Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes from other suppliers, but after the payment was completed, they told me that the production time was up to a month. This news is fatal to me, my customers Can’t wait so long.” Some customers said, “I want to order a batch of samples before bulk ordering boxes. Other suppliers told me that because my order is a small order, they have to give priority to mass orders.” It makes me very frustrated.

Environmental protection eyelash packaging box

So when many customers find me, the first question they ask is “Can you guarantee the accuracy of the delivery time?”

YSL LASHES guess you must have encountered the same problem, right? However, YSL LASHES can assure you. We are a professional supplier of high-quality 3D mink mascara and high-quality eyelashes. We must treat all customers fairly and try our best to help them, so please don’t worry!

custom eyelash packaging

If your order only contains eyelashes, our logistics staff will arrange the delivery for you immediately after receiving the order, and you will receive the courier number the next day, and you can check the status of your package at any time. So don’t worry that we will ignore it because your order is small. We are fair to all of our customers. If your order includes eyelash packaging box, we need to arrange the factory to produce for you.

wholesale mink lashes and packaging

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