When Is The Best Selling Season For Mink Eyelash?

Many people want to start their own eyelash business, they want to Succeed Through The Eyelash Business, but they don’t know when is the best time to start the eyelash business, for this reason they missed the best time to make money! Today I will tell you when is the best selling season for mink […]

The meaning and function of eyelashes to human

In 1919, Max Factor, the founder of the brand Max Factor, invented false eyelashes, and from then on, a beautiful thing that millions of women pursue crazily was born. It is an artificial eyelash used to beautify the eyes. By lengthening and thickening the eyelashes, it makes the eyes look bigger, brighter, fuller and more […]

20mm mink lashes: DM10 and DM15

Hello everyone, today I came with two styles very similar 20mm mink eyelashes: DM10 and DM15. As for why I say they are similar, dear you can tell according to the picture below. What’s the difference? How are they really, really similar? Some mink eyelash customers may ask questions about similar eyelash styles. Why do […]

Are your mink lashes distinctive enough?

Hi, dear mink eyelash seller, here I come. Reading the title of this article, you must be thinking: mink eyelashes characteristics, eyelashes need what characteristics? Will distinctive mink eyelashes sell better? What are the characteristics of eyelashes we sell? First of all, as the seller of eyelashes, we should understand that the eyelashes. Of course, […]

Why is lashes demand so high?

False lashes are human decoration, regardless of Chinese and foreign ancient and modern. Have a pair of bright eyes, a perfect foil to their appearance is the pursuit of most people! We pay attention to the external image, so that the development of modern beauty industry is getting better and better! A woman’s need for […]

A New Person Who Wear Cannes Eyelashes.

What do you know about Cannes Eyelashes? We are fortunate to have a girl studying in China. It was her first time touching eyelashes. Here is her most honest assessment of Canneslashes. MY FEELINGS WHEN I WEAR CANNES LASHES First of all, I never wear the eyelashes before, and it sounds funny. But it is […]

Do you really understand the ultimate consumer?

Do you really understand the ultimate consumer? The deviation between middlemen and consumers is the root of your loss to customers! Nowadays, the problem for customers who wholesale enamel eyelashes is that the quality of the large goods and the quality of the samples are seriously inconsistent.Give customers a sample, the quality of large goods […]

How to Identify Whether It Is True Eyelash Factory

Many 3D eyelash purchasers encounter such troubles when purchasing goods. Everyone is saying that they are factories. Everyone is holding the same best-selling product pictures to sell to customers and say that they are 3d eyelash wholesalers. How to distinguish ? Customers are very headaches. In fact, it is really important to find a reliable […]

Mink Lashes Manufacturer and Wholesaler “Why” Choose YSL Lashes

YSL Lashes is a professional manufacturer and wholesaler for quality eyelashes, mink lash, and 3D mink lashes. We are a large enterprise integrating eyelashes design, production, and international trade export. Our Design: We insist on the original design, and never copy others. We have been designing and innovating constantly. Our mink lashes design is leading […]

Why More And More Clients Choose Ysllashes Vendor?

Qingdao Ysllashes Cosmetics Co.,Ltd is a comprehensive wholesale mink lashes vendor with its own design team, Own factory and own international trading department!               Regarding the eyelash style: In the Internet age, The winners will get all.  Time is money, the lagging mink lashes styles lead to missing market opportunities. In the era […]

Why You Need to Choose a Reliable Mink Eyelashes Vendor

Do you want to buy mink eyelashes? Are you looking for the best material? Suede eyelashes are widely used in the current situation. These are made of hair. These are perm and can be customized. Mink eyelashes bring a natural fluffy look. Without professional knowledge, no one can distinguish between leeches and real eyelashes.   […]

How to choose a high quality eyelashes vendor

There are a variety of eyelashes on the market now.And the eyelashes quality are uneven.It is especially important for dealers to choose a high quality eyelashes vendor.The quality of the product, not only determines whether the dealer can occupy a certain market share, but also determines whether the dealer can have high-quality eyelashes to lead […]

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