When Is The Best Selling Season For Mink Eyelash?

Many people want to start their own eyelash business, they want to Succeed Through The Eyelash Business, but they don’t know when is the best time to start the eyelash business, for this reason they missed the best time to make money! Today I will tell you when is the best selling season for mink […]

20mm mink lashes: DM10 and DM15

Hello everyone, today I came with two styles very similar 20mm mink eyelashes: DM10 and DM15. As for why I say they are similar, dear you can tell according to the picture below. What’s the difference? How are they really, really similar? Some mink eyelash customers may ask questions about similar eyelash styles. Why do […]

Are your mink lashes distinctive enough?

Hi, dear mink eyelash seller, here I come. Reading the title of this article, you must be thinking: mink eyelashes characteristics, eyelashes need what characteristics? Will distinctive mink eyelashes sell better? What are the characteristics of eyelashes we sell? First of all, as the seller of eyelashes, we should understand that the eyelashes. Of course, […]

Why Do We Choose Mink Strip Lashes With High Price And High Quality?

Why Do We Choose Mink Strip Lashes With High Price And High Quality? To produce high-quality  MINK STRIP LASHES, the selected workers should be conscientious, careful, patient, unified management and unified thinking. The basic qualities of these workers should be very high. Every eyelash hair is put up according to the design requirements. Only when […]

Apply False strip lashes to Meet Client Requirements

False strip lashes can be used to enhance any makeup but they are especially suitable for evening and photographic applications. Before applying lashes it is important to discuss with the client the effect she wishes to create, be it subtle or dramatic. Remember this treatment will require a patch test for the adhesive. A check […]

Apply your interest strip lashes vendor

These cover the width of the whole eye and are secured onto a thin band. Strip lashes are made to fit all eye shapes, so you will probably need to trim them-start from the outer corner, where the lashes are the longest so you don’t alter the natural gradient. Good-quality  strip lashes are usually made from […]

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