Why can’t you make eyelashes based on your target price?

Customers have recently ordered our products, and after comparing it with other mink lashes, they still like our styles.

As a result, when ordering large quantities of eyelashes, the target price was given and let us do it. But still want to do the same as the sample. If we want to be exactly the same as the sample, we can’t do it.

The cost of making eyelashes

Dear customer, do you know? Our mink eyelashes are handmade. In order to make the product you like, and to make the product comfortable to wear, we start from the cost of raw materials, the cost of designers, the cost of training workers, the cost of quality control, and the cost of quality It is the lowest and most competitive price given after careful calculation.

Your target price is based on your own budget, not based on product quality. The price is not calculated from a professional perspective. We can certainly understand that after all, you have not experienced the entire process of eyelash production.

The only thing we can guarantee is that the price of the same product is the lowest, and the quality of the product of the same price is the highest.

As a collaborator, the value of our existence

We are your collaborators. In the Internet age, prices are very transparent. Our goal is to enable all consumers to experience the most beautiful and luxurious eyelashes. Let all middlemen who work with us make money.

The price of our mink hair products is a little higher than your target price, but the price contains a lot of value that you cannot see. Style, quality, service, etc., we do not want to provide some sub-charged products in order to get your order. Because your target price is impossible to get the same product as the sample.

Without enough budget, what should we do

Dear customer, if your budget is limited, but you still want to make our products, then I suggest that you reduce the quantity according to your budget, wait for your capital to turn around, and then slowly increase the quantity. But don’t buy bad similar products.

I can only give one example. I hope you can understand that there are various practices in the furniture industry. The outer packaging is the same. The material is replaced, but the appearance looks the same, but the air generated during the use process, formaldehyde is completely different. It has a great impact on your health.

So I hope you understand that you can’t make sub-charged products according to your target price. If your target price is too high, it will not work, because you lose market competitiveness, and your target price will not be too low, and product quality will decline.

Please rest assured that we have chosen the major!

There is more information about the package of eyelash set here, please click:3D Mink Wholesale Lashes Factory

The feeling of wearing five lashes in one eye

The feeling of wearing five 25mm eyelash in one eye. Hello, everyone, today when I was filming the video, I suddenly remembered that there was a YouTube blogger who challenged video with a lot of eyelashes.

Then I had our 25mm double eyelashes right next to me. It occurred to me that I could shoot such a video. However, Asian eyes are not as deep as those of European and American people, and we have a lot of thick hair with double eyelashes. So let’s challenge one eye to wear five pairs of eyelashes and see what it looks like.

Ok, video finished watching, let me tell you about my feeling of wearing five pairs of eyelashes in one eye.

First of all, the 25mm eyelash is very long for Asian people, and the 25mm double eyelash will be even more exaggerated. And my eyes, which are swollen with thick eyelids, may look even more exaggerated. But wearing false eyelashes can help me to double eyelid oh.

When wearing the first layer of eyelashes, there is nothing strange. It’s like wearing other lashes before. Until I wore it to the third layer, I felt my eyes were a little tired, because their hair was too thick, and my eyes could not support them. But the challenge continues.

And then the fourth floor, the fifth floor.I’ve got all my eyelashes on, but as you can see, they’re stuck in the middle of my eyelid, hahaha.

My colleague told me, wow Abby. You can’t open your eyes.Yes, because they’re too heavy for my eyelids to hold.

Perhaps, in front of your phone or computer screen, you are also interested in the challenge of wearing multiple false eyelashes?

Come and join us!

ysllashes 3d style mink lashes wholesale

Why are all 20mm and 25mm mink eyelashes on the market? Still, have customers choose short 3d Mink Natural Lashes?

First of all, all of us who do eyelashes business know that 3d mink lashes, as the earliest appearance, can display different levels of mink lashes. The market share has always been the largest. It has always been what people are willing to buy, and the most purchased mink lashes.

Next, you have to know, what is really high-quality 3d Mink Natural Lashes. High-quality mink eyelashes, using hair from the tail of the 1-2-year-old Siberian Mink. Eyelashes made by hand after 21 processes such as high-temperature anti-virus. 3D Mink Eyelashes show different curls by different techniques. Let people see different eyelashes no matter what angle.

The price of 3d mink lashes is much cheaper than 25mm mink lash and higher than Regular Mink Lashes, and the wholesale price is 5 to 6 USD according to your quantity and style. And if you make bulk orders, that will be much cheaper than long dramatic lashes and they are Affordable Mink Lashes. And most girls would like to buy this kind of lashes at a reasonable price.

You can buy them by your Mink Lashes Vendor, and each Wholesale mink Lashes Vendor will supply you 3d Mink Lashes, and you should ask for the catalog first, and they choose the one you like and the most popular style, if you trust the quality, you can buy them directly from your wholesale vendor.

YSL Lashes just focus on the luxury mink lashes, and each one is the popular one, and you can add whatsapp008616678608908 to get the affordable luxury 3d mink lashes.

Why is Mink lashes the best Mink lashes?

YSLLashes The Best Mink Lashes are made from natural animal hair and mink hair. There are many types of eyelashes on the market, and their materials are also very different.

So do you know what The Best Mink Eyelashes are? The answer must be mink lashes. So do you know why Mink lashes are the best eyelashes?

First of all, mink hair is the hair most similar to human eyelash hair. The length of the mink’s hair is also moderate, which can be well used by people. Eyelashes made of mink hair look fluffy and very natural.

Because they are 3d Mink Cluster Lashes made from mink hair, they have a natural appearance. Make people think that this is your natural eyelashes, rather than wearing False Eyelashes.

Mink lashes need perm in the production so that they show different curling degrees. From the side, they are not on the same curvature. No matter what angle it looks in, it is very natural and stunning.

But there are some inferior mink lashes on the market that use potions, and you can smell a lot. This is very harmful to the human body. But you can’t smell YSLLashes Mink lashes at all.

The production of the best mink lashes of YSLLashes

YSL Lashes eyelashes have always advocated the belief of making high-end eyelashes, and take every pair of eyelashes seriously. We use the most advanced eyelash production technology and environmental protection concept, each eyelash can be used 25-30 times.

Informed eyelashes require better labor and the latest production technology, so they are more expensive than other mink eyelashes. YSL Lashes pay more attention to environmental protection, pay attention to the air environment, we refuse to kill any animals.

If you want to Wholesale Real Quality Mink Eyelashes, you can consult us directly, we will help you make the best choice and way To start your mink eyelashes business line and Good Mink Eyelashes.

Why Are Ysllashes So Comfortable?

The eyelashes you are wearing now, are their mink lashes eyeliners thick and hard, making your eyes very uncomfortable?

Do you know how to distinguish between High-quality 3d Mink Eyelashes and inferior eyelashes? Let YSLLashes Wholesale Mink Lashes Vendors teach you a little trick. Come follow us and watch the video below. Tell you how to judge the difference between high-quality 3d Mink Lashes and inferior eyelashes.

First of all, in the video, you can see that our staff removed the two thin lines on the mink lashes eyeliners, but our YSLLashes Mink Lash Vendor Wholesale Eyelashes still maintain the original shape. It is still soft, and the eyelashes are not deformed, and the mink hair is not shed.

Then we experimented with the Cheap Mink Eyelashes we bought from the market. You can see these eyelashes, their eyelashes are very hard. After the cotton thread falls off, the hair loss of the mink is very serious, and it may even break directly.

When you buy such 3d Mink Eyelashes, you will think they are cheap. But when it was actually used, it was found that they could not be used many times. And YSLLashes Mink Lashes Wholesale China can be worn 25-30 times or even longer. In the process of use, still good quality products can bring us a sense of well-being and higher cost performance.

If you want to wholesale real quality mink eyelashes, you can consult us directly, we will help you make the best choice and way To start your mink eyelashes business line and Good Mink Eyelashes.

Mink Lashes Are The First Choice For Makeup

Beauty from the bottom of my heart. Everyone wants to be more beautiful.

Although she is fine now, she wants to be better. The first step to confidence is to change your appearance. The change in appearance has two parts. The first part is to change with tools, and the second part is to change your own efforts, such as eyelashes.

mink eyelash wholesale
mink eyelash wholesale

Here are some suggestions for your reference.

Eyelashes show the appearance of girls when you want to be a better yourself, congratulations!

You have the courage to get out of your comfort zone and take action! The first step is to establish a good image. In daily life and work, the impression and social evaluation of others are very important.

Education must reflect the details, and the details determine the quality. The second step is to have a strong body. A good health is a good job guarantee. The other thing is to walk with your chest out. People with integrity are more confident.

Mink eyelashes are the first choice for makeup.

Nowadays, makeup is so popular that almost anyone can do it, so people who want to be more confident can wear makeup, which can make up for your shortcomings and make you more perfect.

The eyes are the windows of the soul. The first step is to start with the eyes. The eyes are the most important part of the human body. The more attractive the eyes, the more beautiful the face looks. Therefore, you have to concentrate, but the biggest pressure is that there are many new things and new equipment to make your eyes look more gorgeous and attractive.

You can wear a pair of false eyelashes to make your eyes more gorgeous and attractive. Buy High-quality 3D Mink Eyelashes and choose a reliable mink eyelash wholesale. YSLLashes Mink Eyelash Wholesale Mink Lashes Vendors has a history of more than ten years.

Our eyelashes are handmade by workers. These eyelashes are not only the arrangement of hair materials, rich color, smooth color, but also can be reused, dynamic manual, wear, and carry is very convenient.

Why launched an eyelash set?

Dear customer, please remember: every decision made by Cannes is based on “most Save customers’ costs to the greatest extent, create maximum benefits for customers, and focus on the longevity of each customer

The number of sets varies from 10-20 pairs, mixed styles, these styles are popular in the market Style, or newly designed styles, most help customers open the market in the shortest time. Because there are always a lot of customers to ask these questions, we are ready for you, you can also according to Make your own judgment based on actual market needs, and match styles independently. Tell me, let me help you do!

In addition, considering the international express charge standard, the minimum charge for international express is 30 USD, we calculated the number of eyelashes within 0.5 kg, so that The cost of each pair of eyelashes is the lowest.

Modern people have precious time, obvious personality, and do not like a single model, so their makeup The contents are sometimes light makeup, sometimes heavy makeup, so you need different styles of eyelashes to match, one Buy different styles in case of unexpected needs.

Consider more than you, try to find short cuts to Make beauty easy
is our dedication.

Stay At Home Together

Stay at home, is the best way to isolate the virus.

Stay at home, inadvertently found the most beautiful, the happiest is by the side … Turn around and suddenly found that birds are coming, butterflies are coming, bees are coming. .. come naturally …

Stay at home, and found that he is not alone. Meimei appeared in front of the camera of the mobile phone, sharing happiness with the people around him at any time, sharing happiness …

Stay at home, only to find that my heart can sink down, to relive my life carefully, to reflect on myself …

Stay at home, found that the original will not do, you can calm down to add your own shortboard, taxiing is to take off higher …

Stay at home, we are grateful, thank everyone we meet in life, everyone’s presence is moisturizing our growth …
Stay at home, let nature be quiet, let yourself be quiet …

YSLLashes Mink Lashes Wholesale Private Label loves nature and admires natural beauty. Just as YSLLashes 3d Mink Lash Wholesale Vendors treat our products, YSLLashes Best Wholesale Mink Lash Vendors like natural raw materials, like pure hand-made natural, and strive to chase the natural beauty of products, from the inside out …

The product is unique, countless people are copying it, but no one has surpassed it so far. Many people provide cheap products to customers in pursuit of benefits, but they find that consumers can still find Kainasi and natural products. .. we are intimate with our consumers…

YSLLashes Wholesale Mink Lashes Vendors pursue harmony with nature and believes that only by loving nature can natural products be produced…

Stay At home together, is to get closer to nature …

What is high-end mink hair eyelashes-1

High-end mink hair eyelashes are eyelashes made for high-pursuit consumers. Kenas believes that high-pursuit consumers have strict requirements for themselves, strict requirements for careers, and strict requirements for life. They have higher details. Requirements. This is how high-end eyelashes came into being …

High-end eyelashes require strict procedures, and good eyelashes should be made with the best materials first. In order to ensure the naturalness of the eyelashes, we study that each hair of the human eyelashes is thin, and only the tail mink hair under two years old meets the requirements. We found that the human eyelashes are cylindrical and have hair peaks. We ask the workers to Among the mink’s naturally shed hair, pick the mink hair with straight hair peaks one by one as the raw material.

However, the selected mink hair is not suitable for direct eyelashes. We have developed a unique process formula for the characteristics of mink hair. These selected high-quality hairs are cut, disinfected, dyed, and hair scales removed to prepare for the subsequent eyelashes.

Designers must have high-end ideas and keep up with fashion and makeup trends. According to different periods, different people ’s thoughts, different requirements for beauty, natural, conservative, open, bold … study their Eye shape, skin color and other audience groups, through the golden ratio to design different people’s style drawings, better and more accurately highlight each person’s characteristics.

About Ordering Eyelash Sample Box

About Ordering Mink Eyelash Sample Box- YSLLASHES

hi, honey, can you provide customized Mink Eyelash Sample Box?
This is a question that many customers are asking recently. The customer’s original intention was to order Custom Eyelash Boxes with its own logo. Let’s check the quality of our eyelash packaging and our choice of craftsmanship.

After receiving the sample of the eyelash packaging box, they feel that am quite satisfied with these Mink Lashes Cases. After that, it was Custom Lash Boxes in large quantities.

In the previous business, we did not object to customers doing this. But there is no special support. Because every time we make a new box, our Mink Lashes Wholesale Private Label Factory needs to make a mold again to fit the box. This cost is relatively expensive compared to an eyelash packaging sample.

Just one eyelash package costs the US $50. Then you have to charge for using express again. So this way, our YSLLashes Mink Lash Vendor Wholesale is not very recommended.

If you really want to choose an Eyelash Wholesale Mink Lash Boxes with your own logo to check the quality of our samples. Then I will recommend a method for you. Choose our YSLLashes Mink Eyelashes Suppliers Wholesale Packaging and customize The Logo Transfer Sticker. This method is very fast and convenient. Not only can you save money, but it also greatly reduce your time cost.

We are only suggesting to you here. In fact, no matter what kind of method, in the end, it depends on your own choice.

If you have any problems in the Mink Lash Vendors Business, welcome to YSLLashes Mink Eyelashes Suppliers Wholesale. We will spare no effort to help you.