20mm mink lashes: DM10 and DM15

Hello everyone, today I came with two styles very similar 20mm mink eyelashes: DM10 and DM15. As for why I say they are similar, dear you can tell according to the picture below. What’s the difference? How are they really, really similar? Some mink eyelash customers may ask questions about similar eyelash styles. Why do […]

YSL 25mm double mink eyelash–DB347

The previous blog introduced some of our little knowledge of the 25mm double mink eyelashes in the production process. The following mink eyelashes are my favorite style DB347 in 25mm double mink lashes. Let me first talk about what a 25mm double-layer mink eyelash is in my cognition. 25mm double mink lashes, wild and unrestrained, […]

Common questions and answers about the eyelash business–1

We often have a lot of eyelash questions about the eyelash business, and today I’m going to summarize them. And simply answer these eyelash questions. Come with me. How do I apply false eyelashes?  Lash Application Carefully remove the lash from the eyelash tray, and check the eyelash fit, by aligning it with your natural […]

Why More And More Clients Choose Ysllashes Vendor?

Qingdao Ysllashes Cosmetics Co.,Ltd is a comprehensive wholesale mink lashes vendor with its own design team, Own factory and own international trading department!               Regarding the eyelash style: In the Internet age, The winners will get all.  Time is money, the lagging mink lashes styles lead to missing market opportunities. In the era […]

Buy Wholesale Mink Lashes To Enhance Your Eye Beauty

Why wholesale mink lashes to enhance your eye beauty?Everyone has a dream to look beautiful every day, and for that, they use different kinds of things. Mainly girls, apply lots of things on their face. Some women like to apply the artificial eyelashes. Usually, artificial eyelashes are used as an eyelash extension to enhance the […]

Mink strip lashes is very important for eye

Mink strip lashes Cut your mink strip lashes in half. Half a mink strip lashes is easier to control than the whole one and, since bottom lashes are usually very sparse toward the inner corner of your eye, you may find that half a lash strip looks more natural. If you decide to use the entire strip, […]

Wholesale mink eyelashes from Ysllashes

What is 3D MINK? Hand-made wholesale mink eyelashes have the best quality compared to other types of eyelashes. They have a good reason. 3D mink eyelashes are different from the standard Mink Eyelashes or Fiber Eyelashes in how they are made and how they look. The design is different, just like defining 3D: “3D means 3D, with […]

Types of wholesale false eyelashes

The first kind: choose the wholesale false eyelashes that imitate, had better eyelash part is thinner, reduce eyelash to cross as far as possible. When such eyelash brings eye place, must clip nature, according to the length of the eye will clip the length of false eyelash, it is as far as possible and the […]

5 Reasons Why 3D Mink Strip Lashes Are Necessary

It’s no secret, a lot of women enjoy enhancing their natural beauty with products specifically designed to make them look and feel their best. With everything from a new lipstick to a beautiful new shade of eyeshadow, many women indulge in the art of cosmetology. False lashes however, have long since been a favorite of […]

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