20mm mink lashes: DM10 and DM15

Hello everyone, today I came with two styles very similar 20mm mink eyelashes: DM10 and DM15.

As for why I say they are similar, dear you can tell according to the picture below. What’s the difference?

How are they really, really similar?

Some mink eyelash customers may ask questions about similar eyelash styles. Why do you continue to design these two eyelash styles when they are so similar? Just to enrich your eyelash styles?

Dear mink lashes customer, if you ask this question, you are wrong.

Similar eyelash style just can show that this mink eyelash has a huge market. As a result, our eyelash wholesalers are in short supply. Therefore, as a mink eyelash factory, we will produce eyelashes of similar styles.

DM10 is made up of 10 crossed mink hairs, while DM15 is made up of 12 crossed mink hairs. Dear eyelashes customer, if you look closely, you will see that the DM15 has two sets of mink hairs on both sides removed, and they are exactly the same as the DM10.

For these two 20mm mink eyelashes styles, I prefer DM15 mink eyelashes. Because it has short mink hair at both ends, it is more natural for Asians who don’t have big eyes to wear it.

Compared with 3D mink eyelashes, the length of 20mm mink lashes will be more prominent. So the pursuit of natural makeup sense of beautiful girls, 20mm mink lashes may not be your first choice oh.

20mm mink eyelashes are more suitable for a grand dinner, grand and elegant.

If you have such a need, you must not miss these two styles mink lashes.

Contact me as soon as you finish reading this article.

YSL lashes, your best mink lashes wholesaler.

YSL 25mm double mink eyelash–DB347

The previous blog introduced some of our little knowledge of the 25mm double mink eyelashes in the production process.

The following mink eyelashes are my favorite style DB347 in 25mm double mink lashes.

Let me first talk about what a 25mm double-layer mink eyelash is in my cognition.

25mm double mink lashes, wild and unrestrained, sexy, and charming.
All the words related to sex that I can think of in my mind can be used to describe 25mm double mink lashes. They have a wild beauty.

Let me feel that the mink eyelashes are the nature of releasing a beautiful woman.

False eyelashes are so beautiful.

The DB347 is made from two styles, DH004 and DH007. The DH004 itself is a very popular style of 3D 25mm mink lashes, a messy and orderly cross arrangement. It resembles the shape of a dancing butterfly, making it more interesting in the eyes. DH007’s downward split arrangement makes the eyelashes interlace like a fishing net. Beauty is always reflected in these casual little details.

The combination of these two eyelashes makes the DB347 look more interesting. Playful and charming, yet elegant.

If you happen to need a music festival, a party that makes you feel relaxed, or you are a prospective bride. Be sure to try our 25mm double mink eyelash, which will definitely make you the best in the audience. Grab everyone’s eyes.

Wear our false eyelashes and let each girl feel that she is the most beautiful and unique. This is the wish of each of our eyelash wholesalers.

YSL lashes, your best eyelash wholesaler.

Common questions and answers about the eyelash business–1

We often have a lot of eyelash questions about the eyelash business, and today I’m going to summarize them. And simply answer these eyelash questions. Come with me.

How do I apply false eyelashes? 

Lash Application

Carefully remove the lash from the eyelash tray, and check the eyelash fit, by aligning it with your natural lash line. If the lash extends past the outside corner of your eye, trim the excess.
Tip: Use a tweezer to hold one end of the eyelash band and gently peel it from the tray. Do not use your hands. You may accidentally peel the fur off the band instead.

Apply a thin line of adhesive to the lash band, and wait 30-60 seconds, or until glue becomes tacky. YSL Lash Glue is very easy to remove which will make your new mink lashes last longer! YSL Lash Glue is the lash adhesive we recommend using with all Lotus Lashes.

Apply to the eyelid as close to the natural lash line as possible.  Hold down for a few seconds, and allow the glue to dry.

How do I care for my mink lashes? 

Lash Care Instructions

Keep away from water and heat. Remove before sleeping. After use, any excess glue should be carefully removed with a tweezer or fingers. Keep your mink lashes fluffy and beautiful longer by keeping mascara away from them. Always store lashes in the original lash tray, to keep their shape, and protect them for re-use.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship internationally, however; we do not ship to the following countries/continents: Africa, Argentina, Armenia, Azerbaijan Republic, Colombia, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Maldives, Netherlands Antilles, Pakistan, Philippines, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates.  Do you ship internationally?

What payment methods do you accept?

Visa, PayPal, Western Union, and T/T.

How do mink lashes differ from synthetic?

Mink lashes have a natural shine and texture that cannot be duplicated with synthetic lashes. They are lightweight, comfortable to wear and can be worn up to 30 times. Synthetic lashes look fake, do not last as long and can irritate your eyes.

YSL lashes. Your best eyelash supplier.

Why More And More Clients Choose Ysllashes Vendor?

Qingdao Ysllashes Cosmetics Co.,Ltd is a comprehensive wholesale mink lashes vendor with its own design team, Own factory and own international trading department!

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lay out hair

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Regarding the eyelash style:

In the Internet age, The winners will get all.  Time is money, the lagging mink lashes styles lead to missing market opportunities.

In the era of highly developed living standards, good products that can bring different feelings to customers .Will quickly attract a large number of customers and quickly open the market!

Ysllashes designer team constantly learning and improving aesthetics!  In order to provide new business opportunities, Ysllashes 3d mink lashes are always keep pace with the trend of the times, And updating  mink lashes styles for customers regularly!

But,The other mink lash vendor on the market are always after the new style we designed, Blindly copying, They have no idea, Not to design independently, Only copying, No novelty, As their eyelashes design lag,  they can not bring business opportunities for customers in the first time and miss the good valuable business time!

Ysllashes is precisely based on this idea, Keep innovating mink lashes styles to all customers! And that is why Ysllashes are warm welcomed in the world!

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3d mink eyelash 3D22Y

wholesale mink lashes vendor mink lashes manufacturer











Regarding The Raw Material:

Ysllashes mink lashes strip is 100%  hand-made.  In pursuit of nature, Raw materials for mink lashes are processed by high technology. Each mink lash hair  is soft and sharp, Without shiny hair.  It is natural and elegant and spiritually.

The other eyelashes in the market, Their raw material are not processed technically,The eyelash hair look hard and flashing without any tip. After long time wearing, the eyeliner is easy to break and lose its mink lash hair easily!


Regarding The Eyelash Liner And Glue:

Ysllashes 3d mink Lashes eyeliner is clean and soft without glue overflow. The unique glue technology ensures that the eyeliner can be reused and not broken easily,  Ysllashes mink lashes kit can be used Repeatedly 20-25 times!


Regarding The Mink Lashes Curve:

Ysllashes unique Stereotype technology ensures the mink lashes with natural and elegant eyelash shape. After immersion in dry water, the eyelashes will return to normal.

The other Mink Eyelash products on the market look stiff, Feel overgrown with weeds, irregular, If repeated wearing or soaked in water, The eyelashes can not be restored to the original.


YSLLASHES workers are carefully selected at least 2 years of experience!

Careful, Conscientious, Patient is the basic quality of each of our workers!

Unified training of workers to ensure that the quality of goods is stable, timely delivery!

Ysllashes wholesale mink lashes vendor  can give you a very high reputation in a short time!


However, the workers used by the other suppliers in the market do not have unified management training.

They copy our lash pictures or purchase   samples from us. After the customers confirmed, they find some poor workers to do it. The level of workers is uneven, which can not guarantee the stability of the quality of large goods, nor can the delivery date be guaranteed. This leads to the failure of customers to get the goods in time when the market demand increasing.


Regarding OEM,ODM

Wholesale mink lashes vendor of Ysllashes Cosmetics can do OEM, ODM services. If you want do your your mink lashes logo, Just tell us your idea,  Our designer are always available to help you!


Ysllashes wholesale mink lashes vendor in line with your difficulties is our difficulties, your success is our success, WIN-WIN BUSINESS, Mutual Benefit , CANNES mink lashes vendor is willing to work with you to create more brilliant enterprise!

Buy Wholesale Mink Lashes To Enhance Your Eye Beauty

Why wholesale mink lashes to enhance your eye beauty?Everyone has a dream to look beautiful every day, and for that, they use different kinds of things. Mainly girls, apply lots of things on their face. Some women like to apply the artificial eyelashes. Usually, artificial eyelashes are used as an eyelash extension to enhance the thickness, length, curliness, and fullness of the natural eyelashes. Eyelashes are made up of several materials that include human hair, mink or synthetic. Lots of women don’t know that how to apply the eyelashes and it is also important that eyelashes should be applied in a correct manner, otherwise it will look very bad or harm the eyes. The method of applying eyelash extension is by using the adhesive glue to the sticking the eyelashes one by one. This method will help the eyelashes to avoid the sticking of eyelashes together.









Eyelashes extensions are really wonderful option to enhance the thickness of eyelashes on a temporary basis. In a salon or parlor, makeup artist also prefers the eyelashes when they do bridal makeup or some special kind of makeup. Not only at a salon or parlor, now women or girls can use eyelashes by their own. It is easy to use as well as it is easily available in the market. As there are a number of options are available in eyelashes also, then everyone is confused that which would be better? Which wholesale mink lashes will enhance their beauty? Which wholesale mink lashes will be good for eyes and so on? There are many questions that every girl have, thus for them one of the best choices among all the options is mink lashes.

If you are also looking to buy  wholesale mink lashes then you have the best option, that you can buy the mink lashes online. Mink lashes are popular because they are so fine as well as light, and most importantly it looks like an original only. It also has the shiny texture and gives a glossy appearance to the lashes. If one takes a proper care of mink lashes then it will be enduring because it is so fine and the surface area ratio between the mink lashes and your own lashes is very less. Due to that, it delivers a long-lasting result.

The other option for you is Ysllashes, it is easily available on the internet. There are many websites who are selling this product; one can buy it easily without any trouble. In addition, it is also easy to apply. To place this, one has to start from the middle to the corners of the lash line. After placing the eyelashes, you can simply apply a little liner, then your eyes will look gorgeous. If you don’t want to use eyeliner, then it is also fine. Only eyelashes can also make a huge impact on your eyes, eyeliner works like an essence.

Now, what are you waiting for, you can choose any kind of eyelashes. And if you are using artificial eyelashes the first time, then for your own satisfaction you can take the advice of the beauty professional. They will suggest you the best and suitable option.

Mink strip lashes is very important for eye

Mink strip lashes

Cut your mink strip lashes in half. Half a mink strip lashes is easier to control than the whole one and, since bottom lashes are usually very sparse toward the inner corner of your eye, you may find that half a lash strip looks more natural. If you decide to use the entire strip, you can still apply it one half at a time.

3d mink eyelash 3D108

3d mink eyelash 3D104

3d mink eyelash 3D75











Apply a thin strip of eyelash glue to the back of your hand. Hold the lash strip with the tweezers or your fingertips at one end near the base of the lashes.

Drag the lash base in the eyelash glue and wait 10 to 15 seconds. Tilt your head back and hold the lash strip to just below your eye, so that the curve of the lashes matches the natural curve of your own lashes.

Gently hold the lash strip right underneath your lash line, as close as you can get it to your natural lashes. Make sure the entire lash strip is flush against your lash line, using your fingertip to smooth the lash strip carefully against the skin if necessary. Hold for about 10 seconds and release.

Adjust the lash strip within the first 10 to 30 seconds of application if needed. Apply the second half of the lash strip if you desire, lining up the edge just outside the inner corner of the eye. Hold it as close to the lash line as possible, making sure the entire strip makes contact. The lash strips may overlap slightly in the center.

Allow your lashes to set and dry for 5 minutes. Apply a thin line of dark brown or black liner if there is an obvious demarcation between your lashes and the falsies. Finish with a coat of mascara.

Wholesale mink eyelashes from Ysllashes

What is 3D MINK? Hand-made wholesale mink eyelashes have the best quality compared to other types of eyelashes.

They have a good reason. 3D mink eyelashes are different from the standard Mink Eyelashes or Fiber Eyelashes in how they are made and how they look. The design is different, just like defining 3D: “3D means 3D, with width, height and depth or length”. In the case of 3D eyelashes, these eyelashes have a certain “layering” or three-dimensional effect. Eyelashes are mixed with different sizes of eyelashes, and mixed with short eyelashes and long eyelashes, giving the eyelashes a 3D effect and a more fluffy appearance. These lashes are not all tiled on the regular lashes, and because the lashes are more pronounced and more natural. The overall 3D eyelashes tend to be more charming and make your eyes bigger and more attractive.

3D eyelashes are beautiful and “stereo”, you can see them from all angles, and they have beautiful fluffy tips. Eyelashes are fuller and fuller.

Ysllashes Brand In addition to the wholesale mink eyelashes, Ysllashes also sells blistering lashes. We do not do parallel imports, only quality assurance!

Ysllashes have different 3D mink eyelashes models, as follows:

Lightweight 3D eyelashes

Volumn Weight 3D eyelashes

How to use EYELASHES? Do you know how to use eyelashes? If you don’t know, that’s okay. Here we will share a few tips for you. OK, let’s talk about it!

First of all, you need to prepare 6 false eyelash tools for this work. The 6 tools are mascara, glue, eyeliner, eyelash curler, mascara and mascara brush.

Then, when we are ready, we can use eyelashes!

Step 1: Cut false eyelashes Make eyelashes from trimmed eyes.

Step 2: Brush the glue Gently apply a layer of glue to the eyelashes.

Step 3: False Eyelashes From the eyeliner, first fix the eye’s eye and then completely fix the middle part to the lash root.

Step 4: Pretty Eyelashes Gently curl your eyelash curler.

Step 5: Mascara Brush With mascara brushes, true and false eyelashes can be overlapped to achieve more realistic eyelashes.

Step 6: How to remove eyelashes Use a cotton swab to take makeup remover and gently wipe off with false eyelashes, so that the false eyelashes gently remove the eyelashes from the end of the eyelashes, remove the glue from the eyelashes, put the fingers on the eyelashes, and put it into the eyelash storage box.

Start a good life! Many fashion girls like to wear false eyelashes because it can avoid your flaws and expand bright spots!

3D mink eyelashes is the best choice, it adds impeccable, beautiful life to your eyes, very simple!

Wholesale mink eyelashes Business Partners Are you still hesitating? Let us wholesale your 3D mink lashes to supply your fake lash line now easily!

If you are currently selling hair extensions, we strongly recommend that you add 3D Mink eyelashes to your product. They are a big hit!

Most importantly, you don’t have to buy hundreds of eyelashes at a time when purchasing wholesale mink eyelashes from a private label.

We look forward to your joining! Create a beautiful life with us!

Types of wholesale false eyelashes

The first kind: choose the wholesale false eyelashes that imitate, had better eyelash part is thinner, reduce eyelash to cross as far as possible.
When such eyelash brings eye place, must clip nature, according to the length of the eye will clip the length of false eyelash, it is as far as possible and the length of the eye maintains consistent, also can be slightly shorter than the eye a bit, can let false eyelashes and eye model have a very close fusion after putting on so.
Not too long, not too short.
Too long is easy to distortion, too short will show incomplete.
So when you trim it, you compare it to the length of your eyes, and you cut it.

After wearing, want to observe to see and true eyelash have union more natural, must not appear the phenomenon of two eyelashes, that too failed.
If there are two layers, gently clip the two layers of eyelashes with the eyelash curler, or you can use some mascara to glue the two layers of eyelashes together into one layer, which will be more beautiful. Then you can apply eyeliner and apply mascara.


Second, wear decorative wholesale false eyelashes.
This kind of eyelash suits festival quite, dinner party to wait for an occasion to wear, eyelash itself is imitate, can adorn on the branch of eyelash only crystal, bright piece, or color stripe what, use to lift bright false eyelash, adorn eyelash, produce distinctive luxuriant effect, bring gorgeous and special eye makeup vision to the female people.
Such wholesale false eyelash also wants to be cut appropriately according to the eye model length commonly, when wearing, must notice now will real eyelash clip is warped, brush good eyelash creams next, this is to wear such false eyelash, because false eyelash upper already had very thing, cannot brush eyelash creams so, can destroy those small adornment otherwise.


The last one is the wholesale false eyelashes used on stage.
This kind of eyelash is thicker thick (still have the false eyelash of blue, purple, yellow, aureate wait for different color), suit to use in the life very much, even in the fashionable activity such as dinner party, party, the word that wears also can show very exaggerative, exaggerated can be blindly false, blindly make.
Therefore, such eyelashes are very suitable for stage performance and other stage arts.
When such eyelash is stuck, because compare thick, often also can compare hard, can clip warped true eyelash hind, need not brush eyelash creams, after besmear eyeliner, wear such false eyelash, can increase the outline of the face and eye ministry, the effect on the stage is outstanding.
Therefore, if you bring such mink lashes to life, shopping, attending parties and other activities, you will give people false, artificial, exaggerated, and insecure impression. Therefore, we advise many women who love fake eyelashes, such eyelashes should not be worn in daily life.

5 Reasons Why 3D Mink Strip Lashes Are Necessary

It’s no secret, a lot of women enjoy enhancing their natural beauty with products specifically designed to make them look and feel their best. With everything from a new lipstick to a beautiful new shade of eyeshadow, many women indulge in the art of cosmetology. False lashes however, have long since been a favorite of women when it comes to intensifying their look, with 3D mink strip lashes specifically, (i.e. lashes designed to work with your own eyelashes for a full and natural look, usually applied individually to each lash) seeming to be a favorite among many.

An Example of a Luxury 3d mink strip Lashes range is the Ysllashes collection image below


3D mink strip lashes are arguably the best of the best when it comes to false lashes. Easier to use and longer lasting, 3D eyelash strips are actual strips of 3D lashes — not just individual lashes you apply one by one— you can apply in one go.

Those aren’t the only reason 3D eyelash strips are great though. There are lots of reason to get yourself 3D strip lashes, and below we’ve put together a list of five reasons why our 3D strip mink lashes are not only great, they are a must!


1. They’ll give you a bold look, without all the discomfort of standard false lashes. Because our lashes are made to not only look fluffier, but actually be lighter, wearing them from morning into the late hours of the night feels natural.
2. They look totally natural. Because they are designed to work with your existing lashes, our 3D strip mink lashes will actually look like your own. Of course that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a dramatic look as well. Take the Mink 3D strip eyelashes for example. These lashes offer a dramatic evening look while maintaining that natural look we all strive for.

3. You’ll get a darker more saturated look. The reason for this comes in two parts. First, the Minks itself actually has a darker, more rich color naturally, thus adding an automatic pop to your eyes. Then, when paired with the 3D design, your lashes will not only appear to be darker, they will look significantly fuller as well.

4. They will last longer than standard synthetic false eyelashes, up to 25 uses long in fact. Why? Because of how they are made. The lashes themselves are made of real minx and the bands are each handmade from cotton thread. This means they are not only light, they are durable with a lot of room for flexibility and movement.

5. They are easy to use. 3D lashes traditionally require a lot of time to put on as well as a really experienced hand. But with Mink 3D strip eyelashes, anybody can enjoy 3D lashes!

Here at Ysllashes we truly believe eyes are the windows to our souls, reflecting the beauty within. That’s why all of our lashes are not only designed to enhance you’re eyes, making them look their best, but also are made totally free from chemical processing or dyes. After all, it is important to keep our eyes safe and healthy if we are going to keep them looking their best. So weather you are looking for a chic day look, flirty evening look or a glamorous night look, rest assured any of the Ysllashes’s 3D mink strip lashes will have you covered.