How to Start Eyelash Business Quickly!!!

How to Start an eyelash business eyelash with your private label!


Have you ever wanted to sell your own brand of quality mink eyelashes and 3D Mink Lashes? Have you ever wondered How to Start Eyelash Business Quickly? Come with me!!!

Have you ever wanted to find a reliable vendor to do your own business about 3D Mink Lashes?

Never miss choosing YSL Lashes, which is an experienced wholesaler and vendor for quality mink lashes.

Hope below guideline will be helpful for you:

1st step:

Please ask us for lashes catalog and price list, and choose the lashes category you want to run. We supply quality Regular mink lashes, 3D mink lashes, 20mm mink lashes, and 25mm mink lashes.

2nd step:

In the catalog, there is No. for each style, choose your favorite eyelash styles and let us know the style No.

You also can send us your own lashes design, we can make a sample for you. Before you place the bulk order please start with the sample order to check the quality first. You also can place bulk orders directly.

MOQ for lashes sample is 10 pairs at least, which can be mixed with different styles.

3rd step:

Choose to package for sample order. We have free packaging and normal packaging without a logo to choose from. It is easy to start with this packaging for sample order because there is no quantity limit for them.

4th step:

After you confirmed the sample list. We will send you a bill for payment, you can settle payment by PayPal or Western. We will send the sample order to you by worldwide express shipping, after receipt of payment. Usually, for stock styles, we can send out in 1-2 days after payment. If there is no stock lead-time is 5-10 days.

5th step:

If you are satisfied with sample quality. You can start with small quantity orders with your private label packaging. We support to customize the packaging with your own logo or private label. MOQ for the customized box is 100 pieces.

6th Step:

After receipt of the initial orders from us, you can start with your business now!!

May you have a good business! We will be your sincere support!

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Sell Beautiful Mink Eyelashes

Jay Chou’s new song “won’t cry” was released two days ago. Not surprisingly, jay’s song quickly became a hit on the Internet. When we were young, we really grew up listening to Jay Chou’s songs. Although some songs are not so good to listen to for the first time, we look back after understanding the lyrics, Jay Chou for our generation after 90 is a kind of feelings. More than 20 years ago, jay Chou is still active in every fan’s heart. Still our most dazzling jay Chou.

Ysllashes has been doing eyelashes for more than ten years. Every failure and difficulty did not defeat us. Make the sable eyelashes bigger, so that all the beautiful women in the world can know that Ysllashes factory keeps producing eyelashes for everyone. This is our original intention.

Suddenly remembered the microblog before a period of time to make the uproar for jay Chou hit the list. Some people say jay Chou exactly how popular? He doesn’t even have the data. Who believes his fans so much? Just because of this sentence, jay Chou and his fans quickly into the storm. But here’s the unexpected. Even passers-by, also for jay hit the chart.

That’s why a lot of people are thinking. In the end, jay still proved to everyone with the first position that the undisputable does not mean not the best.

Ysllashes has always been like this, no competition, do their own things silently. Adhering to the original heart, all the way for people to do the best eyelashes.

YSLLASHES not just a supplier of eyelashes, we sell beauty.

What should you do to make your eyelash business work?

YSL Lashes has been doing 3D mink lashes business for many years. Many customers have been working with us since the beginning of their eyelash business, and until now their career has developed very well. There are also some lashes customers who have not got what they want during the past ten years and have gone to other industries. Everyone wants to do business well at the beginning. But when the business develops to a certain stage, if you can’t upgrade your business, it often means failure in the market competition. So your goal should be to cultivate long-term loyal customers to improve your lashes business. So how to make your eyelash business?

Don’t Try To Be Someone Else

You can learn many good methods from your peers, but you can’t just copy it. Innovation and change are always needed. But you have to have your own ideas. Last year, many eyelash manufacturers and trade companies closed down, because the market faced enormous challenges. Our factory, however, launched 25mm mink lashes 25mm double mink lashes DB312 at that time, which has saved many lashes companies. Therefore, we must adjust the business strategy according to the market.

Diversified Services

For get loyalty customers, you need to provide a variety of services. In this way, fully meeting the needs of customers, so that she can not leave without you. You have to deal with customer feedback in a timely manner and continue to improve your ability in your business. Always make customers happy.

Quality Is Everything

How good your lash is, how good your business is. Your client will definitely recommend your brand to friends who notice her beautiful eyelashes. High-quality eyelashes are the best way to build a customer.

Propaganda Method

You need a lot of propaganda to start letting others notice you. Give your old customers a certain coupon to let him introduce you to more customers. Promoting on social media is also a great way to do it.

If you wanna get more propaganda method, pls contact us.

It is not a simple matter to cultivate a long-term loyal customer. It takes time and effort to carry out. Therefore, we also provide a variety of services to help your lashes business, which is also our business. Don’t be discouraged, stick to it. We believe that we will work together to make your eyelash business better and better.

YSL LASHES you best mink lashes wholesalers!

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New 20mm mink lashes DM33 DM34

Hello everyone, today I came with two new 20mm mink lashes DM33 and DM34.

Honey, you can tell by the video below. What’s the difference?

How about these two styles are not very different or big?

Some eyelash customers may ask questions about eyelash styles. Why do you have so many styles of eyelashes, but are you still designing new eyelashes?

Dear eyelash customer, think about it. Why are you in the false eyelashes business? Some clients may have a 50 percent passion for the eyelash business, but what about the other 50 percent? I want to create better-living conditions for myself. Making more money is our ultimate goal.

The eyelash style that innovates ceaselessly all the time just can explain this series of eyelashes to have a huge market. New eyelashes can quickly attract the eye of the customer, the latest eyelashes can help us, eyelash wholesalers, to occupy the market faster. Therefore, like an eyelash factory, we will continue to innovate and produce new eyelashes.

For these two 20mm mink eyelash styles, my favorite eyelash is DM23. Since DM23 belongs to cat-eye eyelashes, cat-eye eyelashes will further enhance the shape of our eyes. Make our eyes look more charming.

Compared with 3D mink eyelashes, the length of 20mm mink eyelashes will be more prominent. So if you’re looking for a pretty girl, new 20mm mink lashes may not be your first choice.

20mm mink eyelashes are more suitable for a grand dinner, grand and elegant.

If you have such a need, you must not miss these two eyelashes.

Contact me as soon as you finish reading this article.

Recommend YSL natural mink lashes for you!

Hi, dear customers. I am coming again!!!

A lot of our long eyelashes have been recommended recently, and many guests say that 20mm and 25mm mink eyelashes are a bit exaggerated. Not suitable for everyday wear, I want to recommend some natural mink lashes that are suitable for everyday nude makeup or when not wearing makeup.

Then we mainly recommend our natural series of eyelashes today.

Today I recommend A035 and A013 for everyone.
I have already shown them in the video about their shape.

Natural style mink eyelashes are not as layered as 3D style eyelashes, they only have one curvature. Therefore, their corresponding craftsmanship does not have the difficulty of 3D mink lashes, and the natural price will be slightly cheaper.

If you want both eyelashes for mink hair but the budget is not a lot. I still recommend you start with natural mink eyelashes.

Many mink customers say that I have never worn false eyelashes before, and it is difficult to wear false eyelashes. In fact, you can see in my video that wearing fake eyelashes is really not difficult. Except for the time of applying the glue, the whole wearing process is about one minute. Many exercises will make you more proficient. In order to make yourself more beautiful, those difficulties are simply not things.

The natural style of the eyelashes will not look very awkward when not wearing makeup but will enlarge the effect of your eyes. Different shapes of eyelashes also modify the shape of our eyes. Let us change the style of our makeup at will when we make up.

If you like or want fake eyelashes that you can wear without makeup, you can try our natural style eyelashes.

Don’t forget to contact me!

YSLLASHES Your best eyelash supplier.

How to Improve the Current Situation of New Eyelash Business

Eyelash business threshold is low, need cost is small, express delivery is quite convenient, thousands of people pour into the industry every day, Alibaba also has a lot of people open Alibaba website to start eyelash business every day… social platform also has a lot of people start eyelash business… so many people do eyelash business, but only Several have done well. Why hasn’t your eyelash business been successful? Dear customers, have you ever thought about it?

Blind doing things will only lead to disgrace and disgrace. Some people just see the eyelashes for 3 days. Others make money and make profits. They blindly choose to do eyelashes business. I thought I could make money if I got the goods. Because it’s not professional, I don’t know where to judge the good eyelashes, where bad eyelashes, which eyelashes can be chosen? Which eyelashes are not optional? Cheap goods are garbage goods manufactured by cheap workers. The quality of products is so poor that the market is not recognized, resulting in a large inventory.

Because they do not know about the suppliers, some suppliers in order to take orders, with a good-looking market bestselling 3D eyelash picture to show customers, the price quoted is high, but the actual bulk goods received completely different products, or product quality is uneven, eyelashes are pure hand-made products, experienced workers in the market are very expensive. Moreover, it is sellable, pure handmade products incorporate some characteristics of enterprises and individuals, and 3D mink eyelashes products can not be imitated. This leads to the same picture that the middleman propagandizes, and the same picture that he actually receives, which leads to the loss of the reputation of the middleman. Losing the market!

Most middlemen have not engaged in eyelash business or switched from other industries to make 3-D mink false eyelashes. Because they have not done this business, they do not know about the market, consumer’s consumption mentality and consumption habits of 3D mink eyelashes, and the supplier only considers the immediate interests and cannot give customers from the market level. Better household suggestions, market strategies, resulting in intermediaries can not communicate smoothly with the ultimate consumer, consumers have problems, intermediaries can not quickly and correctly make decisions, give consumers a reasonable explanation, fast and effective solutions. This leads to the loss of market opportunities for intermediaries.

Some middlemen get good products, but do not know the final consumer’s consumption habits, so I can not live in the consumer demand point, because they do not know about the products, nor can they give consumers a better feeling. Thus miss the market opportunity.

Products and reputation in the eyes of consumers do not leave a good impression, get good products, and do not have the right sales ideas, your eyelash business is difficult to achieve!

Dear customers, nothing can be simple and successful, with a good product, a good platform, but also a good marketing strategy, suitable for product sales ideas, good suppliers who can help you solve the problem, work hard, our business can become bigger and bigger!

Qingdao. Company, adhering to the “beauty of love, affecting others with love, acting with the truth, touching the world with the truth!”

Sincerity is the highest wisdom!” Idea, serve every customer with heart and soul! Ysllashes product knowledge