“I have moved but I have not received the package. How should I change delivery address?”

“After the payment is completed, I find that my delivery address is wrong. Can I change the address?”

“My package has not been received yet, I am going out on holiday. Can I change the address to my friend’s house?”

Many times, some customers will encounter unexpected situations and need to change address, because if your address is incorrect, you will not be able to get paid orders, which is really frustrating! Do u know how to change the delivery address after placing an order? If the package has not been sent out, we can ask the logistics department to send personnel to print a new waybill for you, but if the package is already in transit, do you know how to change the address?

Most vendors will definitely say that it cannot be changed. However, taking into account the difficulties of customers, YSL Lashes is the best 3D mink fur manufacturer and can provide you with the best service experience. Therefore, we negotiated with fedex to win an opportunity for our customers to change the delivery address.

First Step for Change Delivery Address

If you have placed a Mink Eyelashes And Eyelash Packaging Boxes order. And your order is on the way, but you want to change the shipping address, so you need to get the rescheduled link from the picture and enter code:IHc23cdsgmwn. When you click in, you will see the logistics information from your order, you need to enter your order information.

wholesale mink lash vendor

Second Step for Change Delivery Address

Click on this section “Mange your delivery” and enter your personal information,then when finish click “Continue”.

mink eyelash wholesale

Third Step

You need to click this section”Deliver to my address on a future date” after click the “Continue”.

eyelash vendor

Last Step

Enter you want the future delivered date.

wholesale mink eyelash vendor

The above is the way to change the delivery address of the package already in transit. I hope it will help you. If you have any questions, please contact YSL Lashes.

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