How do you make custom boxes? Can you provide customized eyelash boxes?

Yes, we provide Customized Eyelash Package. If you have any ideas about your own packaging, please send them to me. I will help you finish your packaging.

How long does it take to make the box?

After payment confirmation of the order, we will immediately arrange the factory to arrange the order. In general, it takes 13 to 18 days to produce, probably faster. However, in order to ensure better quality, Custom Eyelash Packaging Suppliers do not recommend or accept urging. Of course, these are all hope that the customer can understand, thank you for your support.

What is the price of the customized eyelash box?

Dear, the price of our Customized Eyelash Package varies due to different craft and quantity. You can provide me with the amount of Eyelash Boxes Custom you want and the process you want to make on the box.I’ll calculate the price for you.

Can I customize a box sample?

To be honest, can you customize a sample box of eyelash packaging? Our answer is yes. However, as your partner, I do not recommend you to make a sample box. First of all, the price of a sample box is $100, which is not reasonable for you. It’s also very complicated and time-consuming for us. It’s not good for either of us. If you insist on only one sample, we will still meet your requirement.

This is my logo, the color I chose, I want to order the box with marble design, Let me know if it’s possible for you.

Marbled boxes are very popular recently, we still support you to choose marbled boxes. Below is the box we have made, you can refer to. We also have various marble patterns for your reference.

What’s the status of the box order?

We have been monitoring the box production process for you, and I will send you the video in the box production later. Please don’t worry, we are more anxious about the production process than you.

We also have more eyelash products like 13mm lashes, 13-16mm lashes, 20mm lashes and 25mm lashes, etc.

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