YSL Lashes as a professional Wholesale Mink Eyelash Vendor, we make sure our Mink Lashes are cruelty free. Although we have explained to our customers countless times that our Mink Eyelashes are cruelty free, some customers still comment on our social media: “their mink eyelashes are not cruelty free, they are liars”. Do you believe that eyelash vendors provide cruelty free mink lashes?

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The fur of mink’s coat is taken from living minks, but we don’t kill animals. We have specialized workers to collect mink’s hair, which is naturally shed from mink’s tail. those mink’s are usually captive Siberian minks, They enjoy the process of hair shedding. Just like people comb their hair with a comb, the false eyelashes made from naturally shed hair are not available Any pain, therefore, our mink lashes are cruelty free.

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We don’t kill minks cruelly for raw materials. Instead, we will treat it closely. Only when minks live well, their hair quality will be good, and they will naturally shed better hair. This is the same as equivalent exchange. We give them a carefree life, they give us natural hair loss, and natural hair loss is their normal metabolism, which is cruelty free.

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25mm mink lashes

We are a loving Wholesale Mink Eyelash Vendor. We will never kill animals for our own benefit, not to mention that we have a better way to get raw materials than killing animals. Please believe that we will never do that. You must trust your choice of the best 3D Mink Eyelash Vendor!

If you want to see our mink lashes quality, you can contact me, I can introduce our products to you in detail.

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