What is the longest eyelashes in the world? Human eyelashes are generally 8~12mm, long eyelashes can make people’s eyes very spirit and very beautiful. Is the most beautiful girls want most. But what if eyelashes are longer than 10 centimeters? The eyelashes of this lady from Jiangsu province are 12.4cm long… Feel those strange eyelashes!

The longest eyelashes in the world: 12.4cm

According to the latest 2018 guinness book of world records, You jianxia, from Changzhou, Jiangsu province, China. She has the guinness world record for the longest lash in the world, with an eyelash of 12.40 cm.

longest eyelashes

In 2013, You Jian Xia had an idea to go deep into nature and survive for 18 months. Did not expect to come back, eyelashes began crazy growth, the longest actually rose to 12.40 cm. She holds the Guinness world record for the long eyelash.

“This is a part of my body. I watch it grow little by little. I wash it when I wash my face.” Ms. You often gets attention for her long lashes. She is also happy to transmit this kind of happiness and positive energy to more people. She believes that as long as the eyelashes block the wind and sand for the eyes, as long as there is sunshine in the heart. We can see all the beautiful things in the world, and everyone has the energy to create their own beauty in adversity.

The previous Guinness world record holder for the long eyelash was Stuart muller of Florida, USA. His lashes on his upper left eyelid reached 6.99cm.

Although everyone is surprised that eyelashes can grow so long, but you will envy such longest eyelashes like them?

Do you think your eyelashes are good, after all, everything can be too much.

So, dear customer, don’t just go for fashion trends . Be sure to find something that suits you.

What works for others may not work for you.

Natural beauty will make you more confident and make your life better.

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