False eyelashes how to unloading the first step

Dip in with a cotton swab to take excessive makeup removal oil, brush the root of eyelashes first, it is worth noting that the root of eyelashes at the time, must be gentle, very careful will false eyelashes glue wipe clean.

False eyelash how to unloading the 2nd pace

The root of false eyelash that has wiped with discharge makeup oil can be in oneself after a few minutes be scattered;
So in the unloading of false eyelashes at don’t I forced to tear the false eyelashes glue to the eyelid. Because it will make our original eyelashes are torn scattered. Long time forced to tear false eyelashes will make the eyelid become slack and even droop.

False eyelash how to unloading 3 pace

Wait for false eyelash to be completely by discharge makeup oil does not leave any things, use a piece of clean discharge makeup cotton apply face again.
Because this can prevent discharge makeup oil to enter an eye inside, hurt an eye thereby. After waiting for discharge makeup cotton to be in eye ministry apply 10 seconds, take off discharge makeup cotton, in taking off discharge makeup cotton cent picks up want to outside gently take once, false eyelash easily discharge went up.

The daily maintenance of false eyelashes

A lot of people are sticking false eyelash cent, unload goes up at present throw away originally stick the false eyelash on eye ministry. In fact false eyelash passes oneself nurse can apply repeatedly. How does false eyelash take care of? The following is the treatment of false eyelashes.

False eyelashes maintenance method one

Although false eyelashes fine delicate, so also will be special weak, so in the use of grafting to buy time. Can not be forced to pinch the edge of false eyelashes hard pull. But along the direction of false eyelashes, quietly take out false eyelashes from the box.

False eyelashes maintenance method two

Take out false eyelashes at the time, to hold false eyelashes is immediately pulled out of the center. Pull out false eyelashes at the time of action must be simply, can not pull two or three false eyelashes to pull down.

False eyelashes maintenance method three

False eyelashes can only be put into the box of false eyelashes after they are thoroughly cleaned, that is. The glue on false eyelashes must be thoroughly cleaned after the use of false eyelashes. Pay attention to it. Eyeshadow powder, mascara and eyeliner cannot be left on false eyelashes, or they will damage false eyelashes.

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