Those false lash hiding in your makeup drawer aren’t just for Halloween anymore.

false mink lashes
false lashes
false lash

Sometimes, your own lashes just don’t cut them. False eyelashes can easily transform your appearance to make you look more beautiful and appealing. First, you should know that there are actually many different types of fake eyelashes. The most common false lash you see are attached by strips, but those also come in different sizes and shapes. As a general rule, the darker the eye and skin tone the longer and more exaggerated the beautiful lash style will suit.

Better use false lash makes you gracefully

You can get more natural looking false lashes from us and they have very fine hairs. But because they are so fine, this allows them to be made very delicately. These are the most popular lashes because they blend in perfectly with your real lashes. These lashes are great for casual and daytime activities.

real mink eyelash
5D mink lash

Thick lashes are the opposite of natural lashes. These lashes have more hairs and lend themselves to a bolder look. Perfect for events where you want to stand out, such as prom or parties that lend themselves to a more edgy look. These false lashes are also great for shows or photoshoots where a bolder look is needed to add depth. Of course they are not great for business meetings or morning classes where they are worn on display

Eyelash extensions are also an option, but eyelash extensions are more of a service. These are a great way to customize the length and volume of your lashes, but they have the disadvantage of taking a lot of time to apply and once the style is determined you can’t modify it to fit the occasion.

In most situations, strip lashes are your best choice. It can meet your all requires and any length or styles. No matter you are small business owner or lash extension beauty salon. You can purchase our popular false eyelashes to help you expand your business. Increase fast and safty!

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