As any eyelash fan out there knows, wear mink Eyelashes are one of the most important parts of your eyelashes. Do you know what to do with your eyelashes?

Single tufted false eyelashes

Single tufted false eyelash is divided into a small tuft of false eyelashes, 3 to 5 are a tuft of False Eyelashes, can maintain natural makeup effect already can very good add eyelash thick density. When pasting, apply mascara directly to the bottom of a cluster of false eyelashes. After 15 to 30 seconds, the mascara becomes sticky and sticks to the root of the eyelashes. Close your eyes and let it dry for a few seconds, then continue to apply — as far as you can on the outside of the base of your eyelashes. Wait for all false eyelashes to become fully dry, the curl of them becomes warped degree and your own eyelash maintains consistent, besmear eyelash cream finally can.

Eye tail section false eyelashes

If you think it’s a waste of time to put on a single set of false eyelashes and want to add a touch of skin to your smoky eye makeup, just stick the segmented false eyelashes in the outer corners of your eyes.
Although their effects are similar, the eye tail has a similar structure to the whole line of false eyelashes, only slightly shorter.
The false eyelash of type of eye tail gently along eyelash original arc bends, make it stick on the eyelid as your true eyelash is general.

Complete false eyelashes

The whole line of False Eyelashes should be attached to the whole eyelash root.Cut them out to fit length before Posting. If false eyelashes are too long, you can use scissors to cut off the excess. When everything is ready, apply mascara to the bottom of false eyelashes, starting from the middle of the eyelashes, and then press both ends of the corners of the eyes. Must notice, false eyelash cannot be too close to the inner canthus, cause irritant easily otherwise. If you fail in your first attempt, try applying a touch of mascara to the eyelid that is attached to the wrong part of the eyelid before applying the false eyelashes.

Multiple false eyelashes

For weddings and parties, exaggerated eyelashes are always more dramatic. At Marc Jacobs’ show in the spring and summer of 2012, make-up artists even put on three layers of false eyelashes.
In order to double the effect, you can also attach the second layer to the roots of the first layer of false eyelashes.
It takes a lot of practice, and the more times you post it, the closer it gets to perfection.
Want two false eyelashes to be united in wedlock, should use eyelash clip to make roll up first, besmear again go up eyelash creams can.

Four Ways To Wear Mink Eyelashes, Have you learned it?

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