Free Shipping Eyelash Set Package

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The fastest speed for you to send the false lashes. Simple eyelash wrap Free Shipping Eyelash. Let you in the shortest possible time to start your eyelash business.

For $100, you can quickly launch your eyelashes wholesale business with a three-day wait.

Why YSLLashes Wholesale Mink Eyelashes Suppliers constantly introduced the mink lash vendors sample packaging?And recommended the use of simple eyelash packaging.

As anyone in the lash business knows, Eyelash Packaging Box can take around 15 days. The time is long and the cost is high. This to the businessman that just Eyelash Business to tell, it is not very ideal eyelash business begins.

What we need is a short time, low cost, but quickly return. So, no doubt about it. Sample Pack Eyelash. will become our best choice.

Here, you can get any style you want for less than $100. And Free Shipping Pack Eyelash

Whether it’s sumptuous Mink Lashes or natural vegan faux mink lashes, eyelash product. Lashes length has 12mm lashes, 13mm lashes, 14mm lashes, 15mm lashes, 16mm lashes, 16mm mink lashes, 18mm lashes, 20mm lashes, 22mm lashes, 25mm lashes, and even 30mm lashes covering all types.

Anyway, you can find the style you favourite black eyelashes near me.

The romantic eyelash business starts with YSLLashes

only cost $88.9—3d Luxury Mink Eyelash| 3 kinds of Mink Eyelash Styles

Free choice of 2 styles, five pairs each. Mixed them total 10 pairs.

20mm Mink Lashes Latest Style

DQ Mink Lashes 14mm Short Lashes

3D Mink Lashes Classic Lashes

only cost $99.9—Sexy 25mm Mink Eyelashes|Light up your eyes

Free choice of 2 styles, five pairs each. Mixed them total 10 pairs.

25mm Double Mink Lahses

25mm Mink Lashes Personality Bold and Unrestrained

only cost $69.9—Natural Vegan Eyelashes|Cheap and Quick to Start your Business

Free choice of 2 styles, five pairs each. Mixed them total 10 pairs.

DW Lashes Vegetarian Without Cruel Lashes

How To Order Free Shipping Eyelash Set Package

Click on the WhatsApp(+8617669652218). Choose the combo you want and tell me the eyelashes you want to choose. Then you will get a reply.
Each package includes ten pairs of eyelashes, free of shipping. PayPal( and fill in your package number in the note. Send the bill number to WhatsApp(+8617669652218). Please confirm in advance if your Paypal address is correct.

Usually, we will send you an order package within 24 hours. The next day you will receive the order number of the eyelash package.
Within 2-5 days after the parcel is sent, please pay attention to the delivery of the parcel. Once the eyelash order package is shipped, you are responsible for checking the shipping situation.

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