Have the train of thought that suits the marketing eyelash of winter?

A client asked me, you see it is winter now, and soon to Christmas, how should I how to market my eyelashes?

I don’t know if this client has noticed, but her words themselves contain the background of the market eyelashes, winter, Christmas.

In fact, these two points are the idea of marketing eyelashes, but better, we can combine these two points, for example, we launched a series of winter wear, and then we launched for Christmas. Keep in mind that these two styles must overlap. Secondly, we are offering a winter Christmas special, and these styles overlap the previous two styles, but we offer a small discount.

The goal is to satisfy and target the third group of customers. First of all, the first customer base wants to buy eyelashes in winter use. The second customer group, want to buy eyelashes in the Christmas holiday wear. Third, there must be some overlap between these two groups of customers, who want to wear them during the long winter and at Christmas.

Then the point comes, your customer is actually very hesitant in the purchase, but after we meet their requirements of these two parts, there is a more satisfied choice, and this choice will also have a certain discount, is it easier to launch the third series?

Often customers struggle because there are no good options, but when we offer better options, they don’t struggle.

Why can’t wholesale cheap eyelash products?


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