There are a variety of eyelashes on the market now.And the eyelashes quality are uneven.It is especially important for dealers to choose a high quality eyelashes vendor.The quality of the product, not only determines whether the dealer can occupy a certain market share, but also determines whether the dealer can have high-quality eyelashes to lead the development of the market.

In view of many inferior products in the market currently.Here are some suggestions for dealers.

3d mink lashes


1.Identify an excellent eyelashes vendor.

It’s to see if he has the ability to develop new products for dealers on a regular basis.Help dealers to lead the development of the market.

2.Whether the samples quality are same with the quality of the large goods

Even if we are all hand-made, the difference will not be too big. It is even more unlikely that there will be a product with a few styles that can be found differently. This is not conducive to the sales of dealers, will also damages the reputation of the dealers.

3.The quality of the product itself

First, whether the left and right eyes are symmetrical.Second,whether the number of hairs in the left and right eyes the same?(If the difference between the hairs of the left and right eyes is too large, one eye will appear and one eye will be small.)Thirdly,whether the eyeliner of the eyelashes soft?Only a soft eyeliner can bring better comfort to the user and also facilitate sales.

4.Whether can meet the needs of the customers?

Customized styles should be issued in a timely shipped.Let customers sell on the market.Let market demand and consumer evaluation test the quality and popularity of this style, and make timely adjustments.


Finally,I hope that every eyelash dealer can find a high quality eyelashes vendor ,find a good product and do bigger business.Thank you

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