Our hot selling magnetic eyelashes are a very popular and popular style these days. It is different from traditional mink eyelashes or silk eyelashes. Its eyelash band is composed of 12 high-quality micro-magnets, making it extremely flexible and comfortable! It is the new darling of the global beauty eyelashes market!

hot selling magnetic eyelahses
hot selling magnetic eyelahses

Different from other small wholesalers and foreign trade companies. We are a large eyelash design and production company, so we have the ability to undertake large quantities of orders. Timely delivery, consistent quality and design in multiple batches and customization services are available. Perfect for your customer base and preferences!
So far, we have a total of 20 hot-selling magnet eyelashes styles. These 20 hot selling magnetic eyelashes are the boutique products left by the design and market feedback, which are very popular!

hot selling magnetic eyelashes factory

You may give up false lashes because of the inconvenience to wear them. Or give up eyelash extensions because of the troublesome planting and single style. but, what if I told you there’s a way to get the beautiful lashes of your dreams for less money – and without all the sticky, tricky application and removal? Enter: OnlyCanas Hot Selling Magnetic Eyelashes.

All you have to do is pull them up when you want to add a little more magnetic fake eyelashes, and gently pull them down when you’re done-it’s that simple.

Magnetic lashes come in a few different styles, but they’re categorized by the way they attach to the eyelid. The strips have magnets along the base, but then can either be applied with eyeliners or a second magnetic strip of lashes that go underneath your own fake lashes to cling to the falsies lashes on top—basically, sandwiching your natural lashes between two magnetic strips.

Are hot selling magnetic eyelashes safe enough?

Magnetic false eyelashes are safe if you want everything better. We suggest you use magnetic eyeliner.

About magnetic eyelashes. The magnetic eyeliner is likely safer in terms of the potential to cause traction alopecia since the false lashes are being supported by the lid more than by the natural lashes themselves. Basically, the best lashes are stuck to the magnetized eyeliner, which takes some of the weight off of your natural lashes.

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