I have found many interesting questions in my recent conversations with guests.
A client just started his own eyelash business. He asked me a question during our conversation. You said that I was just starting my business and should try some classic models. Or should you try something different? How many styles are appropriate.

It’s a good thing that she stretches from one problem too many problems, but I think since I’m just starting a business, why think so much? I think whether it’s a classic or trying a lot of different styles, how many you can buy. Most important, dear customers you have to believe your eyes, from start to do eyelash business, the eyelash, or slowly let your eyelash mature business, always remember your eyes, is the key to your eyelash aesthetic consciousness, from one’s own heart, to choose their interested to do business style, because only firmly believe their own eyes, to do more in the long run.

Therefore, dear customer, don’t worry about how many styles are suitable, just know whether you like this one or not. It is enough to choose 1 style or 100 styles. The important thing is that you like it and are willing to do good business for it, so each style is the best one.

Don’t care too much about how I can better do my eyelash business, we should be more down-to-earth to do.

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