Every shop owner who owns his own eyelash brand has thought about customizing his own brand of eyelash boxes. But how much do you know about the eyelash box?

Usually we will determine the shape of the box, the number of boxes, the craftsmanship, the color of the box’s appearance, and so on. When the customer proposes the idea of ​​customizing the box.

Usually we would advise customers to make rectangular boxes. (For the reason of recommending rectangular boxes, the previous blog mentioned, there is no more explanation here).

There are many types of box processes: printing, hot stamping, UV, and so on.
Usually we recommend customers to use printing and hot stamping.

For ordinary paper, hot stamping and printing are all possible. The more suitable logo colors for printing are in multiple colors, and the cost of printing is lower. Suitable for customers who want to customize their own boxes and doesn’t have a particularly large budget. Printing gives people a more lively feeling. After all, they can make variety of colors.

Hot stamping can be used on glitter paper. Hot stamping we can black, gold, silver, but a whole logo can only be made into one color. This hot stamping is more suitable for customers who want a more upscale box. Because they look really temperament, giving a noble feeling.

There are also some lighter cardboards on the color of the carton. In fact, we have met many customers who want to customize the dark bottom box, but in fact we really don’t recommend it. Because the eyelashes are black, the darker color box will make the eyelashes look messy and make the eyelashes unclear. Eyelashes that are too shiny in color can also affect the eyelashes. Our goal is to sell eyelashes. The eyelash box is just for people to better see our brand and better publicize for us.

For the reason why our box MOQ is 100 metrics, please check <I need to order 20-30 eyelash boxes> this blog.

If you have more things about the box, please stay tuned to our website. See you next time, bye.

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