I tried to apply the Cluster Eyelashes recently, they are so soft and like real lashes, when I am done applying the lashes, it looks so natural and seamless like lash extensions done at the salon. Here I share my experience with you guys! If you learn this well, you can do it at home and without paying too much doing professional lash extensions at the salon!

Cluster Eyelashes

Apply to lash bond on the natural lashes just like I would any mascara, sure you coat every single natural lash, see how I just do it in the out corner first.

Apply Cluster Lashes first step apply bond on natural lashes

Then I take one of these clusters on the tweezers, pull on my eyelid up, let more surface of my lashes appear, and let the end of clusters stick on the below part of my natural lashes. Pinch it with the tweezers, and let the cluster lashes well bond to the natural lashes!

Apply Cluster Lashes second step stick cluster lashes on natural lashes

Apply to lash bond to the inner lashes, stick another part of cluster lashes on, one by one, till stick all the 4 pieces cluster lashes on, then pinch all 4 pieces of cluster lashes with tweezers, so they bond to natural lashes well.

Apply Cluster Lashes

This took no more time at all, 10 minutes will finish 2 eyes applying! The best part which makes me the most satisfied is if they are not like the lash strips or the magnetic lashes, where whenever you look down, you could clearly see there’s something there like a lash band,
But no nono, this eyelash makeup not with these bands! when I’m looking down, nothing so seamless and that’s why I love them so much because you can’t really tell that there they are fake lashes, it looks like you got eyelash extensions done at a salon.

Apply Cluster Lashes Looking Down Seamless looks

When I wore them the first time to a wedding everyone was giving me compliments and everyone was asking me where I got them done, and literally, everyone thought that they were a legit lash extension, little did they know I do it myself in less than 10 minutes!

They will last you a week, I think the longest I wore them for would be two weeks. But there’s easy to take off and put back on that I recommend wearing them on just for a week and then taking them off washing them and popping them back on. You can use twenty times more if done right!
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