Dear mink lashes customer, You in the eyelash business, have you seriously investigated the eyelash market? If you do some research, you’ll find that Mink Lashes is increasingly popular. I’m glad to know that Mink Lashes are mainly produced in Qingdao, China, where 85% of eyelashes are produced. Of course, not all suppliers of mink eyelashes are the same, which is why those in the professional makeup and beauty business must be careful.

Here are a few simple ways to determine the best eyelash supplier. Follow me.

1.Check their product range

Has some suppliers of mink eyelashes,You can check the delivery time of their bulk order of 5000 pairs if they have a large stock of the popular style mink eyelashes is a strong supplier of them to the big eyelash business. In addition, employees have different skill requirements. You can order 10-20 pairs to see if they can make the same style of mink eyelashes. We know that 100% handmade is very difficult to be 100% similar. However, the similarity of eyelashes produced by Ysllashes reached 98% in the same batch. You can measure it by similarity. So by testing you will know if you have found a good wholesale supplier of mink eyelashes.

2. Check their materials

There are two basic materials for mink eyelashes. First, there’s a cheaper mink, which is very coarse and can ruin your natural eyelashes. Second, it is top quality mink hair, it is bright, natural black. This material from Siberia is soft and natural and luxurious in appearance, but it is very expensive compared to cheaper materials. So look from the outside are mink eyelashes, but the quality gap of raw materials is very big.

3. Check the working environment

To create clean and safe mink eyelashes, staff must wear professional clothing, non-toxic gloves, and the overall working environment must be clean. Unfortunately, some wholesale mink lashes suppliers are producing these items in very dirty and inappropriate working conditions, with staff having to work in high temperatures. All sweating and inappropriate conditions will affect the quality of the product.

Dear customer! If you want to stay safe and cooperate with professional wholesale mink eyelashes supplier manufacturers and exporters. Please contact YSLLashes and we are ready to listen to your requirements.

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