Now there are many eyelashes of different lengths in the eyelash market, and there are many eyelash boxes of different shapes. Therefore, customers are quite confused that how do we choose eyelash Box?

First of all, we should know that the eyelash box is roughly classified, with rectangular eyelash box, square eyelash box, round eyelash box, diamond eyelash box, eyelash book, and so on.

Now, let’s take the example of the eyelashes of these shape boxes.

Rectangular eyelash box

The rectangular eyelash box is the most used eyelash box shape on the market. The box is rectangular and can be changed according to different needs. The size can be big or small, whether your eyelashes are long eyelashes or short eyelashes, rectangular eyelash box is all okay.

Square eyelash box

The square eyelash box is a box shape specially matched for long eyelashes on the market. Because the bottom of the box tray is open at both ends, there is ample space to put on the big lashes, and it looks quite symmetrical. Of course, it can also be made into a small size. But if you have long lashes, this square eyelash box should be preferred.

Round eyelash box

The round eyelash box, because its circular design is designed to be easy to play on the palm, so its size is generally not too big, which means that if your eyelashes are shorter eyelashes, then this round eyelashes is very suitable.

Diamond eyelash box

Because women love beauty, they like diamond-shaped things, so this kind of eyelash box is quickly popular in the market, but because of its special shape, its size is not large, it is also suitable the shorter eyelashes, if you like the diamond box and your eyelashes are not long, then the diamond box is definitely your first choice.

Eyelash book box

This kind of box is specially designed for the makeup artist, because it gives the customer the choice of the style they like, while it opened to the customer. It is waste of time if it is the eyelash book box is individual. But for eyelash book box, when you open it, there are many eyelashes to choose from, which is convenient for the makeup artist and convenient for the customer, so if you are a makeup artist, the eyelash book box is especially suitable for you.

Of course, there are a lot of various eyelash boxes on the market, I will explain them further in the blog.

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