How to choose to suit oneself false eyelash?

Men are more attracted to women with long eyelashes, making women more popular. But the choice false eyelash can be knowledge, otherwise, put on can feel very uncomfortable. To the choice of a false eyelash, most should notice which method, the material is very important. Use good natural hair to create false eyelashes, just like true eyelashes. How to calculate good false eyelash?

  1. Glossiness: the color is bright, smooth and not dull. It is the characteristic of high-quality false eyelashes.

2. Soft and hard degree: the material of superhard, can bring very big pressure to the eyelid, and wear up, look very false, not natural.
Too soft false eyelash, not quite stand upright, curl warped degree also can be inferior.
Best of all, gently squeeze your hands into a soft, slightly firmer shape than your real eyelashes.

3. Curved become warped degree: good false eyelash can go up naturally become warped, grow radian to be similar with the growth curve of the upper eyelash, smooth straight false eyelash can feel curt in wearing, also have no aesthetic feeling.

4. Practical: if you want to shine at a party, opt for exaggerated eyelashes, such as those with rhinestones, feathers, and bright colors.
However, when it comes to friends’ parties and dating couples, it’s best not to be too dramatic.

5.Eyelash glue: it is very important, had seen a woman more than 30 years old, is very beautiful, but she has been to buy cheap false eyelash glue, now her eyelashes badly damaged skin, often have inflammation.

So be sure to buy a big brand of glue, and it’s not too expensive or scary, within $100 you will definitely choose the eyelash glue with very good quality.

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