Many girls who like makeup have a question, how to clean Mink Eyelashes to reuse it many times. Let me serve you one by one. Simple tools and steps are to make your eyelashes look like new, you must learn.

It would be too wasteful to use the new eyelashes only once, but if you use it repeatedly, the thick glue on the eyelash stems seems to affect the makeup very much. So today I will teach you five steps to clean false eyelashes quickly and easily. If you don’t know how Wash your false eyelashes, then you must not miss this blog.

First,Wash The Roots Of Eyelashes

First, soak the soaked false eyelashes with a cotton swab separated from water and oil, then gently wipe the roots of the false eyelashes.

Second, Remove Residual Glue And Eyeliner

In order to clean up eye shadow and residual eye liner and eye gel glue, moisturizing cotton pads with cleansing water pressed on the eyes, about 30 seconds to remove it very clean.

Third, Soak The Cleansing Cotton With Makeup Remover

The clean cotton pad folded into two rectangular, pay attention to a piece of a slightly wider width, and then cut open, then the cotton pad soaked eye makeup remover.

Fourth, Let The Makeup Remover Penetrate Into The Roots Of The False Eyelashes

Remember, only half of the false eyelashes can be covered, instead of covering the entire false eyelashes, otherwise it may cause the eyelashes to deform; then cover a small piece and gently press the real root with your fingers to make as much liquid as possible The ground penetrates the roots.

At Last, Bend The Cleansing Cotton

Bend the cotton pad and press the two cotton pads tightly, and you will see two dark spots when you put it on the next day, which indicates that the glue on the top has fallen.

The above are the five steps to clean false eyelashes. Have you learned it? If you still don’t understand anything, you can contact me at any time, I will serve you intimately. Whatsapp: +8617561687029.

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