In the market, A way to increase eyelashes methods variety, can choose a suitable for their own.

The most technical way – false eyelashes

Speaking with respect to oneself actually, cream with respect to eyelash. I like false eyelash more, because stick over. Did not brush eyelash skill so much, still can choose all sorts of different designs freely. You can save on eyeliner when you’re not too demanding. Some single eyelid or even false eyelashes will become double.

Selection method Color choice: choose with oneself eyelash color close of.

The stalk of false eyelash: the stalk of false eyelash is divided into fishline
mink lashes , cotton mink lashes band and plastic mink lashes band generally. Because the cotton stalk is very soft, it does not tie the eyelid and is not easy to lift up. The transparent thread stalk is better than the makeup effect, transparent and invisible, convenient to cut the bundles of stickers. And can maintain the original radian after tearing off, while the disadvantage is that it is easy to fall off and lift up. Plastic stem is harder, softness is done not have fish-line stem and cotton stem good. But still a good choice to the girl of inside double eyelid and single eyelid. Because a bit harder stem can hold up eyelid, finalize the design effect is better.

Without makeup see boyfriend’s sharp tool — eyelash cultivation

This is a very deceptive way, it is said that many girls will rush to plant when they face their boyfriend for the first time, not to mention, the effect is really good.

Grafting eyelash, it is commonly known to plant eyelash, it is to stick false eyelash on his eyelash. So born eyelash is thicker, roll become warped person, make the effect is best. If the eyelashes are too sparse, or even inverted long people, do not recommend grafting. Can try to transplant hair follicle surgery.

Girls, before grafting, make sure your eyelash condition is suitable for grafting.

In the process of eyelash grafting, the technician can use different lengths of eyelashes to create different eye shapes and make up for the deficiency of eye shapes. However, you need to communicate with the technician in advance. Grafting eyelashes can be tricky when removing makeup.Cannot rub energetically otherwise can drop. And avoid to use oily discharge makeup product, wipe off eye makeup carefully with cotton swab. Do not encounter the place with sticky artificial eyelash as far as possible.

Because the real lashes stick together, when they fall off, they cause the real lashes to fall off with them. To keep lashes from falling off quickly, wash your face as gently as possible and avoid rubbing them. When applying facial care products, oily care products and eye cream should avoid the root of eyelashes to wipe.

The most convenient long eyelash – mascara

Compared to the operation of the labor force, or brush mascara and paste false eyelashes the most convenient and convenient. With eyelash cream should be in only when make up conveniently brush can have curl become warped fine long bushy beautiful ciliary. Not to mention false eyelash should stick only go to be over.

Choose a good mascara: should be right eye department does not have irritant, fall into the eye carelessly when won’t have stinging painful feeling. Have appropriate burnish, easy besmear is brushed, adhesion is even, do not give fly leg. So much the better.

Unload eyelash creams: unload eyelash creams must use professional eye ministry discharge makeup product. In thoroughly discharge eyelash creams while, avoid eyelash creams paste the pigment that one face does to come out model black eye rim. Dip in when using make up cotton take right amount eye ministry special discharge makeup fluid. Place in eyelash and eyelid, after waiting for a few seconds, wipe off colour makeup thoroughly from next upgrade can.

In fact, no matter which way, we still have to find the most suitable for their own way.

Health and beauty must exist together. Remember to take care of your eyes.

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