Good suppliers How to identify good eyelash factory ?With the expansion of the eyelash market, more people have seen the opportunities of the eyelash business. More and more people are starting their own eyelash business.

More and more eyelash shopkeepers mean more and more eyelash wholesalers come out.

Although there are a lot of eyelash wholesalers. But have you discovered that there are very few manufacturers that offer truly high-quality eyelashes? This has led to bad traffic in the market. What problems will we encounter at this time?

Yes, sometime we are easily attracted to the beautiful pictures on the social platform, but anyway that is on network, we can’t really see the quality of the eyelashes behind the pictures.

Then when we start to contact the supplier, they will tell us that our eyelashes are 30 pairs or 50 pairs or even hundreds of pairs. For those eyelashes suppliers with such a large minimum order quantity, please be sure to keep your eyes open. Pay attention to whether they only want to do a one-time service, and they will disappear after they have earned your money.

Why? Because usually these suppliers do not have their own physical factories, just tell us: we have our own factories, use some languages to seduce us, let us buy their eyelashes. After you have bought, they have a very long delivery time, and after a long wait, you have received a large number of goods. And because of eyelash quality,there will be various problems in the process of your sales. The customer came to you to complain, but you have no solution.

Real factory suppliers do not require a few hundred pairs of MOQ, usually, we have only 10 pairs or less. Because of our sales ability, we will not hoard a large number of goods. Unless it is a customer order. The goods we produce will not be sold quickly, so that why a good eyelash factory will not have a large storage.

Moreover, our workers have a stable production capacity, and we will not delay the delivery time promised to our customers. After all, time is the real money in the Internet, and getting the goods earlier will occupy the market earlier.

Not to have problems with the style of the product. We can guarantee that the similarity of our same batch of goods is above 98%. And the similarity of the two orders before and after is more than 95%. Note, that you must not believe in wholesalers who say that the similarity is 100%, because purely manual goods cannot be 100% similar. All handmade products are like this.

So when you encounter a large order quantity from the beginning of the supplier, you must consider it more. Because good suppliers will not care about your order quantity, they only care if you can experience them. Products, because the quality of the products is good, they are not afraid of being experienced by customers. Only suppliers who have sufficient confidence in their products will not care about the order quantity you started.

Because we have enough confidence and ideas. Once you use our eyelashes, you will be addicted.

Dear customer, if you want carry out your eyelash business better, be sure to polish your eyes, and carefully check whether the suppliers you choose can provide you with better product service.

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