Does mink lash business profit? Can we do Mink Lashes business as full-time work?YSL Eyelash Vendor gives you a positive answer! It is very easy to create wealth in a short period of time by choosing high-quality mink eyelashes, opening online stores, and adopting extensive and exquisite advertising methods! YSL Mink Lash Vendor shares this blog to teach you How To Make 10K Each Month Selling Mink Lashes! Please read and subscribe.

Selected Top Wholesale Eyelash Supplier

YSL Wholesale Eyelash Supplier is an excellent Top Eyelash Supplier, the pure handmade mink eyelashes they produce are small in weight, good in quality, and stylish in design, and are a creative and responsible eyelash supplier. If you want to expand your eyelash business with high-quality eyelashes, it is a wise choice to choose Amor false eyelash wholesaler as your supplier.

Lock in Lash Styles And Prices

According to the popular fashion in the market and the recommendation of YSL eyelash wholesaler, choose 6 eyelash styles. Mr. Eric, the designer of YSL eyelash wholesaler, said that 6 classic eyelashes are enough to create an eyelash brand. It is recommended to buy a minimum order of 500 pairs, when you order 500 pairs of eyelashes, you can get the best price, free box, and free shipping, the result is that the cost of the eyelashes is $3 to your door.

Mink Lash Package Model

Open An Eyelash Online Store

It is recommended that you open an online sales store in Shopify or Big Cartel to display products and checkout. Designer Eric recommends that you use the Shopify platform. This platform has a lot of website templates, is easy to operate, and can also post videos to introduce the status of the product and instructions for use. Shopify has strong settlement capabilities, and the customer’s payment is directly connected to your own account, which is very timely.

Plant Fiber Lash Package Model

Invest in Ads To Attract Buying Traffic

Create high-quality advertisements based on the characteristics of different popular elements of 6 eyelashes. Each eyelash has its own characteristics. Only by showing their advantages to the audience in the form of advertisements can they attract consumers who like these mink eyelash styles. This is very critical. A good advertisement can attract highly targeted customer segments. These customer segments have the ability to make repeated purchases and are not sensitive to prices. They are loyal users.

Adopt The Right Price Strategy

The quality of these eyelashes is better than the eyelashes sold by Lilly Lashes. It can be priced at more than $15. After excluding the shipping fee in the United States, it can also have 3 times the profit. It is a very profitable business. Of course, you can price a little lower and speed up your business turnover, depending on your own pricing strategy. The designer Eric suggested that you set the price a little higher, so as to filter out those consumers who are sensitive to price and do not pursue quality, and the rest are high-end customers who pursue high quality, and these customers are the core customers! Only high pricing can lead to high profits, and high profits can bring out more budgets for advertising!

When you do the above well and advertise on an influence media account, it will be very simple to earn 10k dollars per month, and create your own lash brand!

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