Slightly drooping eyes give a gentle and innocent impression that people want to protect.

SA o actress, Zhang Ziyi is vertical eye beauty on behalf of, the threat of zero, zero distance, good temperament, is the charm of the vertical eye, now, take you to change eyeshadow and eyeliner, become popular with vertical eye beauty.

The watery eyes made up.

The Key steps

  1. Draw the upper and lower eyeliner with dark brown eyeliner, and draw a little bit thinner on the upper eyeliner. The lower lash line should be drawn outside the eyelash and slightly thicker.

2 fluctuation look line in eye end intersection line must be drawn, on the liner can arrange on line Angle slightly long, hanging down corner before don’t have to deal with, pay attention to line the fusion of color and natural color of skin

  1. Apply dark brown eye shadow at the end of the eye, which can be applied in parallel or slightly downward, emphasizing the feeling of pendant and making the eyes look very appealing.

In front of the corner of the eye, pearl white and high gloss, contrast with the tail, set against black and white eyes.

5 brush eyelash creams, notice to lengthen eyelash can, emphasize the eye that accentuates, and do not need to create curl effect, lest reduce pendant effect.

A spirit of drooping eye makeup.

The drooping star zhang ziyi – with a smile on her eyes, her eyes less aggressive, and innocent enough to protect her.

Thanks to her lop-eye balance, she became the most wanted Oriental girlfriend of a foreign man.

Vertical eye makeup Keywords don’t want to let a person feel you are too delicate and touching, can choose the smart eye makeup, look line draw thinner, the eyeliner replaces with eye shadow, will look very spirit, not too sweet.

The Key steps

First, draw the liner under the dark grey liner, and begin to draw the line from the end of the eye to the end of the eye.

Use deep brown eyeliner to draw the eyeliner, follow the inner lid, and apply the eyelashes to the base of the eyelash. Note that the eyeliner should not be raised at the end of the eye, and should follow the curve of the eye.

Protuberant part 3 in the eye, from look line dizzy up silver eye shadow, also should be paid attention to when applying eye shadow its shape should be circular arc shape, the closer the eye end point should be more close to the eye, do not rise

The eye of the eyeball does not protrude place can draw silver eye shadow appropriately, but do not go beyond eye socket, otherwise can make eye week feels dirty.

The technique of using flat coating is slowly rising from the eyeliner. Notice that it is an arc of natural upward transition, and cannot be raised outside the corner of the eye.

Apply purple or blue eye shadow on the fold of double eyelid, the eye shadow color should be heaviest in the eye end, highlighting the feeling of tenderness and pendant.

The wormwood waterproof eyeliner.

The best combination of Tips and eye makeup.

Eyebrow peak should not be too high, if the eyebrow is drawn too high, will be with eye end of the gap too big, look very abrupt.

And the eyebrow color had better be consistent with the hair, look not strange, can choose appropriate eyebrow powder to undertake simple modification.

Cheek eye shadow chooses cool tone to emphasize pendant feeling, cheek red USES orange color is not good, choose sweet pink is most suitable.

The lips are best matched with a slightly upturned lip, and you can draw a little bit of lipstick so that your upper lip will look fuller.


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