In today’s life, eyelashes have become an indispensable item for every makeup girl. But every pair of eyelashes is an expensive luxury. It is worth cherishing.

So how should we care for our false eyelashes and make the life of the eyelashes last longer?

Of course you must have noticed that not all eyelashes have the same use time. Usually, the life of a pair of eyelashes depends largely on the material of the eyelashes. First, the hair of natural animals lasts longer than artificial hair. Eyelashes made from mink hair can be worn about 20-30 times, while artificial hairs are usually made only about 3-8 times.

The material of the eyelash band also has an effect. Usually thicker eyelashes band tend to be more durable than thiner eyelashes band.

However, the number of times a pair of eyelashes can be reused does not depend entirely on the material. The way you treat eyelashes incorrectly also affects how many times your eyelashes are worn. In order to ensure that each of your pair of eyelashes allows you to wear the most beautiful (and most cost-effective), follow me to learn these five tips, to ensure that your eyelashes can increase the life of at least 5 times.

Gently remove the eyelashes from your eyes.

Don’t pull directly your false eyelashes off at the end of the day (I know it’s tempting). First gently wipe your false eyelashes with a makeup remover. This will help to dilute the glue, so when you pull them down, the eyelashes band won’t be stretched and also won’t hurt your eyes.

Do not use mascara

There is no need to use mascara after wearing false eyelashes. Because you are very beautiful. Or if you have to use it, apply mascara on your own eyelashes before wearing false eyelashes. But in order to make false eyelashes more frequent, don’t apply them to mascara. It only puts a burden on the eyelashes and hurts the mink hair too.

Try using eyelash tweezers

Try using the matching eyelash tweezers while wearing eyelashes. After the eyelashes have been removed, use the eyelashes tweezers to remove any excess eyelash glue that sticks to the eyeliner. Do not leave glue on the eyelashes.

eyelash tweezers

Use professional eyelash cleaner

Don’t soak your natural animal eyelashes in the water for a long time. You can put your eyelashes in a bowl of olive oil or eyelash cleaner to make them really clean. Allowing them to stand for ten minutes will help dissolve excess eyelashes glue and makeup, so they will be very clean. Keep your eyelashes clean, the next time they can be used it directly.

Proper disinfection and storage your eyelash

Wipe the eyelashes with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol to ensure that the eyelashes are clean and hygienic. Put them on the eyelash tray and fit them into the eyelash box to help keep your eyelashes in shape and keep your eyelashes away from dust.

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