Make big-eye dolls with false eyelashes.

How to brush, the eyelash is always not long enough to curl? False eyelashes are your salvation! It’s not a dream to wear all kinds of eyelashes like changing clothes!

First use three paragraph clip method to clip the eyelash out radian, lest with false eyelash the radian cannot fuse.The missing details can be used in small local lashes.

False eyelash makeup

Remove false eyelashes with forceps. A good quality single box false eyelash can be used repeatedly, and the whole box has a coarse texture, but the effect is quite natural, and it can be used up to 2 or 3 times at most. The two sides of the false eyelash are carefully squeezed between the two hands, repeatedly bend the radian, flexible false eyelash.

The mirror is arranging itself, first with the false eyelash to put in the eye compared to the length. Then trim the lashes with a special pair of scissors, cut off the two extra wires and trim them according to the length of the eye. Use a pair of tweezers to hold false eyelashes and carefully brush the mascara onto the line of the false eyelash.

Hold on for a few seconds, with a pair of tweezers with the glue on the false eyelash to hold the center in the middle of the eyelid.Then use your hand to adjust the end of your head.

There are many false eyelashes in the cosmetics store.

Have you tried to buy them back? How can I put up false eyelashes? Let’s get ready: 3d Real Mink Lashes, Mink Lashes Glue, scissors. Remember that the fake eyelashes must start from the middle of the eye! First of all, the false eyelashes will be cut short, about 8mm shorter than the width of your eyes. The mirror is lying on the table with a tilt of 45 degrees (face forward)

Apply glue to false eyelashes. Confirm that the eyes start at 3mm and the end of the eye 5mm. Then you start with the middle of the eye, then the eye, and then the tail. Press firmly (your index finger, middle finger, ring finger) when you just put it on, it’s easy to fall off, so use your finger to hold it lightly. At this point, if the eyes are closed, it is easy to stick to the lower eyelid, be careful. It’s almost glued to the bottom and then gently massage the false eyelashes. That’s it.

Prepare for the makeup process.

Can instantly make the eye become big and beautiful, but the false eyelash that the difficulty is very high, really let a person again love and hate!Don’t worry!Whether it’s a single bundle of fake eyelashes that require natural makeup, or an entire set of fake eyelashes like a big star, you can help you sort through the fake eyelashes and make you beautiful in a moment!

Secretly become beautiful secret perfect false eyelash essential props!

Does the makeup artist have a magical power?In fact, because of their good use of makeup props to help them finish their makeup, so the color makeup can perfect zero defect!

Folding props

Necessary props 1 ─ clip

The false eyelash of single bundle is absolutely indispensable, use the help of clip, false eyelash is sticky more smoothly, quick.

Necessary props ─ 2 small scissors

The whole row of a false eyelash that just bought back must be trimmed to fit the length of eye shape. Exquisite small scissors can be an accurate clip, super convenient!

Folding steps

STEP1 ─First, remove the false eyelashes from the box and place them on the back of the hand for a moment.

STEP2 ─The false eyelash glue on the back of hand touch, use pick up the single beam with false eyelash clip eyelash glue.

STEP3 ─ and then the single beam with a glue stick to the false eyelash root. If you want to create attractive makeup, add a couple of false eyelashes at the end of your eye. And you can create big eyes like Hamasaki’s charm.

Tips for folding

Whisper to bring

TIPS ─After sticking out the 3d Mink Fur Lashes. And then using mascara to combine true and false eyelashes. You can create stunning natural eyes.

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