How to properly remove false eyelashes

Many women love to wear false lashes on their eyes when making makeup, because it can make the eyes look bigger and more radiant, and make the whole eye makeup more attractive. However, when removing makeup, many women do not know how to unload the false eyelashes of the eye. How to disassemble the false lashes becomes a problem for many women, because if the false eyelashes are removed improperly, the eyelashes of the eye will fall off and even hurt themselves. Eyes, how to unload false eyelashes? How to properly remove false eyelashes?

step 1: use a cotton swab to take a proper amount of cleansing oil, first wipe the roots of the  false eyelashes. It is worth noting that when rubbing the roots of the eyelashes, it must be gentle and carefully clean the glue of the false eyelashes.

Step 2: The root of the false lashes wiped with the cleansing oil will fall off after a few minutes, so don’t force the false eyelashes stuck on the eyelids when you unload the false eyelashes, because this will make your original The eyelashes are torn off, and forcibly tearing the false eyelashes for a long time will make the eyelids loose or even droop.

Step 3: After the false eyelashes are completely separated by the cleansing oil, use a clean makeup remover to pour the new cleansing oil onto the cleansing cotton, then apply the makeup remover to the eyes, and apply the makeup remover to the eyes. Be sure to close your eyes, as this will prevent the cleansing oil from entering the eyes and hurting your eyes. After the makeup remover is applied to the eye for 10 seconds, take off the makeup remover cotton. When you take off the makeup remover, pack it up and gently take it out. The false eyelashes are easily removed.

Daily maintenance of false eyelashes

1.Although the false lashes are delicate and delicate, they will be particularly fragile. Therefore, when using grafting, you can not forcefully pull the edges of the false eyelashes hard, but follow the direction of the false eyelashes and gently remove the false eyelashes. Take out the Wholesale Mink Lashes Vendor Free Eyelashes Packaging box.

2.When taking out the false eyelashes, hold the center of the false eyelashes and pull them out immediately. When pulling out the false eyelashes, the movement must be simple. You can’t pull two or three false eyelashes down.

3.False eyelashes must be thoroughly cleaned after use, and can be placed in the false eyelashes box. After the false lashes are used up, the glue on the false eyelashes must be thoroughly cleaned. Note that eye shadow powder, mascara and eyeliner cannot be left in the false eyelashes. On, otherwise it will break the false eyelashes.

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