The whole set of false eyelashes and a single pinch of false eyelashes will be easier to wear than you think, and each will create a different effect. Dense false eyelashes will help you create your eyelash eyes in an instant. Add a single pinch of false eyelashes to your lashes, which will make you look fabulous. But keep in mind that the whole line of false eyelashes is easy to wear but looks unnatural. Although a single pinch of false eyelashes may seem natural, some people find it troublesome to use them.No matter which one you choose, you should quickly clip the false eyelashes and apply mascara.

The best cover of the false eyelash stick mark method is: first, the eyelash root color painted smoky eyeliner, then the true eyelash clip becomes warped, can conceal the glue, so also help fixed false eyelash, make it not easy to fall off.

The steps for wearing false eyelashes are as follows.

1) apply a thin layer of adhesive to the false eyelash root.(when applying glue, I’ll use the back of some makeup tool.)
2) pick up false eyelashes (don’t touch the root and glue), start from the outer corner of the eye, and press the roots of the real eyelashes as far as possible.
3) after the outer corner of the eye is glued, press the inner eye Angle with the hand to fix the whole false eyelash.
(note that don’t squeeze or close your eyes until the glue is dry.)

Ysl lashes of applying false eyelashes to everyone:

The false eyelash that just bought is too beautiful, extremely natural, unfavorable, and unaltered, must make an appropriate clip. When pruning, the false eyelash of two eyes must be thick and clear and consistent. You can also cut a fake eyelash in half and paste it on the part you want to strengthen, such as the outer corner of the eye and the center of the eye. If you want two eyes to appear closer, stick a paragraph in the middle. If you want to look away, stick a paragraph on the outer corner of your eye.

Stick False eyelash

Apply a little glue on the edge of the false eyelash, because the two ends are easy to fall off, the dosage should be a little bit more, glue glue should not stick on false eyelash.Then apply a layer of mascara along your lashes.Adhesive glue is the strongest adhesive when it is dry, after about 5 seconds, when the glue is fast drying, the false eyelashes should be bent to make it soft.Then, look in the mirror, adjust the Angle of false eyelash, gently press the false eyelash along eyelash root.Use your hands for about 10 seconds to make the real lashes completely blend.If the glue is applied properly, the false eyelashes will naturally combine with the real lashes.If the eyelashes of the eye Angle fall off, this means that the glue is not less than the eyelash is not good.At this time, can use a toothpick, pick a bit of glue to besmear at the corner of the eye, again carefully hold down eyelash, wait for glue dry hind eyelash is fixed.It is worth noting that the adhesion adhesive has the strongest adhesion and is transparent on the skin and has good effect.If the adhesive is not dry, stick it up, the false eyelash will hang down.A few more times, the glue will become white, so the eyeliner will be used to cover.

Embellish False eyelash

The upper eyelid affixed false eyelash, next eyelash should besmear eyelash oil, in order to get up and down to agree.Or, use eyeliner to gently draw the eyelash eyelash product that is extremely not obvious.
Hair, like the shadow of eyelashes.You can also use the eyeliner to draw the eyeliner and then spread it with your hands.If you’re a person who can’t succeed with a fake eyelash, you can also refer to a cheap, inexpensive tool in your beauty shop: a fake eyelash adjuster!False eyelash adjuster’s appearance, on the one side with false eyelash length is inside the shape of arc, on the other side is hand’s grip.Design like elastic clamp, can firmly clamped the false eyelashes (compare with small clip nowhere o ~), let the other convenient operation way eyelash glue, the best is the eyelash can assist the whole above the pressure directly on the false eyelash eyelash, gently press can close eyelash root position, single hand force application is convenient, won’t make a handful.

How to maintain false eyelashes:

Although the false eyelash is delicate and delicate, but very fragile, so, should be careful when using. When you take it out of the box, you should not force the side of it hard to pull, and you should gently pull it out with your fingers along the direction of your eyelashes. False eyelashes from the eyelids.
When taking off, want to hold false eyelash to be in the right of the middle “swish” suddenly pull down, the action is crisp, do not pull two or three root hair to pull down. Use false eyelashes to thoroughly remove the glue on the top, neatly into the box. Be careful not to apply eye shadow powder, eyelash oil, and other glue to the false eyelash, otherwise can get dirty, destroy false eyelash.

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