I need to order 20-30 eyelash boxes.

Recently, many customers came to me and said that they want to order their own eyelash boxes, but the number is not much, most of them are about 20-30 pcs.

I first explained to my client that because the factory needs a certain amount of order for the box, we not can’t do this 20-30 eyelash boxes, but the cost of making it is too high, it is not cost-effective for my customer. We also don’t want to watch our customer waste their budget to buy a box that is not cost effective.

In view of this situation, our company also attaches great importance to this. For this situation, we have deliberately designed and produced a large number of various eyelashes boxes, in order to provide our customer with samples order, and need to provide convenience for customers who do not have a large number of boxes.

For the sample box that we customize in advance, on the one hand, you can choose a style you like to make a small order. On the other hand, because the number is small, it is convenient to adjust the style of your eyelash boxes next time, so this is a kind way. It is very beneficial for customers who purchase samples and a small number of boxes.

I hope to order 20-30 eyelashes customers, may wish to consider ordering some sample lash boxes you like, is this better?


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