Is magnetic eyelash a good choice if you are an eyelash vendor or cosmetic shop owner? I’ll definitely say yes to you!

Nowadays people always like something new, they don’t want to use the same false lashes and even styles with other people. They wear lashes for different they want something different and special. That’s a reason why magnetic lash is a good choice! You can feel 2022 new techniques with beautiful unique styles on our lashes!

Why our magnetic eyelash can lead the trend?

At first, I want to say no matter our magnetic eyelashes or 3D mink eyelash and faux mink lash they are all not the same as others. We are one of the few eyelash suppliers who can complete the entire process from design to production to sales on our own. This is hard work, the market is not controlled by customers. Some people will think will, which styles and material that customers like, factory will go produce which one. This is a misunderstanding many people will have.

In fact, the world trend is led by the top company in this area. Yes, customers do have their vision, but they are not professional. Top companies will use aesthetics, design science, and technology to produce a product. And before launched they will send to the testing department to check, then the customers will get a sample. That’s the work when we design and produce magnetic eyelashes do. So the magnetic eyelash’s quality is tested and checked by our professional team. The styles and trend feeling are tested by our customers.

12 magnets are the number in our lash band. Usually, in the market, they use 6 or 8. When you wear the feeling and flexible and looking are very different.

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