Vegan Hair Eyelashes
Vegan Hair Eyelashes

Protecting the health of the earth is to protect our human health, as people become more and more aware of environmental protection, and the rise of bionic fibers in materials, we also use these New Lash Material for the eyelashes, using a special process to make the eyelashes beautiful and truly environmentally friendly.

What is New Lash Material?

Cashmerelashes is a faux mink lash style made with our new vegan material. It is made of the lightest and finest nanofiber chemical fiber material on the market.

The characteristic of Cashmerelashes:
· Each thread has a diameter of 0.25mm and is known as cashmere because of its soft and light appearance.

· The effect of cashmere lashes looks fluffy, soft and airy.

· 90% similar to real mink hair.

· Glossy under light, matte black, closer to real lashes.

· Absolutely vegan.

2022 Best Lashes Vegan Hair Eyelashes
2022 Best Lashes Vegan Hair Eyelashes

Our Canas Lash Vegan Hair Lashes is a new material incorporates the morphological tissue of real hair and adds protein, amino acid and other real hair tissues to create a bionic fiber.

Why Canas Lash Vegan Hair Lashes Will Popular In The Future?

After COVID and bad environment, people start and more to protect earth. Since we promote vegan lashes and silk eyelashes, plenty of lash vendor customers said they were happy to have this choice. It’s not only because vegan but also because this new material vegan hair lashes can be degradable.

We don’t have the right to make everyone choose vegan hair degradable lashes, but if vegan lashes have the same quality, shape style, price and all good things as mink lashes. There will be no reason to choose mink eyelashes anymore.

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