False Mink Eyelashes

“When I doing my lash business, I feel like know nothing about my customers, they want kind of lashes I purchase what I always slower than my customer, the trend change so fast!” Many new eyelash business people have this feeling. It’s not your problem, you just need a professional lash vendor together with you!

A Professional Lash Vendor Can Help You Complete Customer Data

Quality eyelash
Mink Lash

There are thousands of hot selling eyelash styles, different countries have their own popular lash style. Yes, you can’t know all of them, but if you purchase your goods from a professional lash vendor, they can tell you everything. For example, in the U.S. market, mink lashes are very popular, and especially small orders, but silk eyelashes and faux mink eyelashes are also popular. Because the U.S. is the biggest false eyelash market in the world.

Not only eyelash material, because we – YSL Lashes is one of the biggest eyelash factories and eyelash wholesalers in the world, we know which styles are popular. If you want to focus on 25mm mink eyelashes, we can tell you which shape and styles are hot in America. You can save a lot of money to try customers’ favorites.

A Good Eyelash Wholesaler Can Save Your Money, High Quality but Low Price

Professional lash vendor
Professional lash vendor

If you have been purchased false lashes before, you will know big lash wholesalers usually offer fake lashes with low prices but high quality. That’s because they have too many orders, the factory work all day so they don’t waste cost. Some small factories or traders only make or order when their customers need. They don’t keep in stock because they are afraid unsalable!

You may feel uncertain, why do big lash companies have better quality? That’s because they want to keep their clients and company become bigger and bigger. Profit is important but it’s not the only thing, we more care about can we become the wind indicator in the lash area? Can our customers have more clients?

Now you have known most of the things about eyelash wholesalers. We are an 11 years professional eyelash vendor if you want to get beautiful lash styles and make more customers and profits. Please directly contact us, also your questions or doubts we can help you!

Email: rosen@beauty-imexport.com

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