Real 3D Mink Lashes are a popular type of lash. They’re luxurious; they’re glamorous, they’re expensive, and they’re cosmetic business gold.

Real 3D Mink Lashes Introduction

Mink false eyelashes come in many different lengths and styles, but most have mink on one side. If you’ve never heard of mink lashes before, they usually come in different colors than the lash coating, such as black, brown, pink, etc. This is called “3-D” or “3-“layer” mink, and it refers not to the length of the lashes or their order, but to the laying of the lashes on the strip.

The 3D lashes are also available in silk or synthetic lashes (artificial mink lashes), but the winner of the 3-D false lashes is the mink.

What are 3D Mink Eyelashes?

3D lashes, often referred to as artificial mink lashes or luxury lashes, are one of the newest false lashes on the market and have been making quite a splash in the beauty world lately. Not only are they stunning, reaching amazing lengths, and designed to embrace luxury and wonder, but they are also completely different from the premium false lashes you would normally find.

By definition, 3D means 3D, which suggests that these lashes have fuzzy layered ends that prevent them from laying flat and immediately enhance the texture/size of your eyes. The lashes will still fit nicely into your lash line. That said, the definition they are equipped with allows them to flip the touch more, creating a bouncier, fuller lash. 3D lashes also hold curl better, allowing you to curl your lashes and keep them intact to lengthen them.

Real 3D Mink Lashes have layers. They are handmade by mixing different sized lashes, combining short and long hairs to give a fuller, fluffier look. Overall, this method tends to be more glamorous and stylish. If you’re checking out more dramatic lashes, 3D lashes are perfect for achieving the ultimate dramatic effect.


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