Hi, dear customers. I am coming again!!!

A lot of our long eyelashes have been recommended recently, and many guests say that 20mm and 25mm mink eyelashes are a bit exaggerated. Not suitable for everyday wear, I want to recommend some natural mink lashes that are suitable for everyday nude makeup or when not wearing makeup.

Then we mainly recommend our natural series of eyelashes today.

Today I recommend A035 and A013 for everyone.
I have already shown them in the video about their shape.

Natural style mink eyelashes are not as layered as 3D style eyelashes, they only have one curvature. Therefore, their corresponding craftsmanship does not have the difficulty of 3D mink lashes, and the natural price will be slightly cheaper.

If you want both eyelashes for mink hair but the budget is not a lot. I still recommend you start with natural mink eyelashes.

Many mink customers say that I have never worn false eyelashes before, and it is difficult to wear false eyelashes. In fact, you can see in my video that wearing fake eyelashes is really not difficult. Except for the time of applying the glue, the whole wearing process is about one minute. Many exercises will make you more proficient. In order to make yourself more beautiful, those difficulties are simply not things.

The natural style of the eyelashes will not look very awkward when not wearing makeup but will enlarge the effect of your eyes. Different shapes of eyelashes also modify the shape of our eyes. Let us change the style of our makeup at will when we make up.

If you like or want fake eyelashes that you can wear without makeup, you can try our natural style eyelashes.

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